Car Shopping: Tips and Tricks to Get You on the Road Fast

Car buying isn’t always an enjoyable process. Some salespeople won’t even let you get out of your current car before they are trying to sell you another one you don’t want. Going to the dealership with a plan in place will smooth things out and allow you to find the car you can truly be excited about buying.  This is something that most people desire when they buy a new car.

Test Drive

After searching online for the type of car you want, you need to test drive it to make sure it is as good a car on the road as it is on paper. Narrow down the field to two or three prospective cars you’re really interested in so that you have an organized plan.  When buying a car, you need to be shrewd, as in, picky. Test drive all of the cars to see how they handle different road conditions such as stop-and-go traffic, braking quickly, and acceleration. You should also think about how expensive they are to maintain. You might get a good deal to start with, but if it needs uncommon parts and requires lots of repair, it might be more money than it’s worth.


Once you have determined your budget for the monthly payments, it is a good idea to get pre-approval from a few lenders. If you have a less than perfect credit history, try to find a bank that is more lenient on their criteria. There are lenders out there that are willing to work with people who need a second chance to get a new vehicle. Having the pre-approval before you go to the dealership will provide you with some negotiating power.  Credit reporting data is an aspect of business that is integral to auto dealers. For instance, NCC Direct, Inc. realizes that the more accurate the data, the more sales and higher profit margins will result.  This makes it easier for auto dealers to help their customers.

Time of Year

Towards the second half of the year, dealerships are looking to get rid of the older models to make room for the new ones. They are more amenable to working out a lower price when it is prudent for the car to get off the lot. You can also get a great deal if you go at the end of the month any time of the year when the salesperson is trying to meet their monthly quota.

When you decide it’s time to get a new car, it shouldn’t be met with a groan. Getting a new car should be a pleasant and happy experience. Doing your due diligence at home to get the best car loan for you, going to the dealership at the right time of month and year, and testing out your top picks will increase the odds that you leave in your fresh new car with a smile on your face.

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