Exotic Appeal – The Pros and Cons of Having a Foreign Car

Many people want foreign cars because they like the idea of having something exotic. Others prefer imports because they view them as being more reliable or attractive. Whatever the reason, there are definite advantages to owning a foreign car, but like with everything else, downsides exist as well. Here are some major pros and cons of buying foreign.


Better Performance

One good reason to choose a foreign car over a domestic one is better performance. As most car enthusiasts already know, the majority of high performance automobiles come from Europe and Japan. While Americans tend to value utility over everything else, Japanese and European automakers are more interested in innovation and pushing the envelope. Some of the fastest and most powerful cars come from abroad.

Unique Looks

Reliable function is probably the most important characteristic of a car, but it’s not the only one. Vehicular aesthetics are a huge consideration when choosing a car because the driver will always be dissatisfied with a car that isn’t to his or her liking. Driving isn’t only about getting from point A to point B. It’s also about enjoying the entire experience. European cars are well known to be some of the most sleek, sexy, and stylish cars out there, but Asian automobiles aren’t lagging far behind.

It’s Something Different

Nobody wants to have the same car everyone else has. There’s just something cool about standing out and being different. The sense of uniqueness gives one more pride about one’s ride, and that alone makes buying a foreign car worth it.


More Expensive

There’s a price to pay for superior performance, alluring looks, and relative individuality–and it’s usually pretty high. Foreign cars are typically more costly than domestic cars due to import laws. Some foreign cars are only made in small quantities, and their rarity commands a higher price. Many are simply higher-end models that appeal to wealthier folks.

Harder to Acquire Parts

Domestic cars have readily available spare parts, and most car mechanics are familiar with working on makes that were manufactured within the country. Import cars must have spare parts imported into the country, and only small batches can be obtained at any given time. Since they’re imported, the parts are also more expensive. BMW M3 parts, and Porsche Carrera GT parts are going to be more expensive than Ford Focus, Chevy Blazer, or Dodge Dart parts, for example.

Not Supporting Domestic Economy

A concern that many people have about buying foreign is that it doesn’t support the local economy. Helping to keep fellow Americans employed is a very good reason to stick with domestic brands. This factor is very important to some Americans, so they will only buy domestic brands, which influences their decisions of what car they will buy.

Foreign cars, just like domestic cars, have their pros and cons. However, the buying decision should come down to personal preference. If one prefers to buy foreign for any reason at all, then that’s good enough reason to go that route. It all comes down to how happy the driver is with the choice he or she has made.

This article was written by Dixie Somers, a freelance writer who loves writing for business, finance, women’s interests, or technology. Dixie lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters . Information for this article was provided by the auto experts of subarupartsforyou.com, who specialize in Subaru Tribeca parts.

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