How to Buy The Right Electric Car Charger?

It goes without saying that the obvious feature of a recharge is to suffuse the battery with charge when it has been drained and can no longer be used to power up an electric car. It is only natural and more sensible to install a system at your home that lets you recharge your electric car using 240 Volts as that is likely to make it more affordable. Essentially, when we buy any car that is electric, it can give you an impressive drive of 80 miles before the battery gets exhausted and this battery can be recharged in about 4 hours’ time.

The Electric vehicle service equipment as it is popularly known can be installed easily in your home. This charger is essentially a medium sized box that is required to be mounted onto the wall. It also boasts of a chord and a plug that enables the charging of the electric car batteries. Buying a car charger or an EVSE as it is popularly known can be a fairly expensive affair and therefore, it is important that you make the right decision as it is easily considered as an investment. Given below are some important tips that will guide you in the process of purchasing the right car battery charger.

Measure the length of the chord or the cable:

Ideally, the length of the chord that connects the charger and the electric car should be a minimum of 15 feet and can be a maximum of 25 feet. Under any usual circumstance, when we buy any car, it is a common practice to have it parked in the garage. Therefore, from the nearest power source available in your home where the charger box will be mounted, the length of the charging chord should be enough to travel all the way till the garage and into the charging socket. This may sound like a no brainer, but there are quite a few people who tend to purchase their car battery charger only to realize that the chord is not long enough to reach the car in the first place.

Refrain from buying fancy chargers:

As a rule of thumb, your car battery must fulfil one but the most important feature of charging the car battery effectively. Usually, you are likely to come across extremely fancy features that may sound incredibly stunning to you, thus tempting you to purchase them at the blink of an eye. You must refrain from getting lured into this. While there is nothing wrong in purchasing a charger that possess Bluetooth features or WiFi, you must realize that these chargers are likely to burn a hole in your pocket and if these features do happen to get damaged, then you may have to go the extra mile to get it repaired. Instead, use your smartphone or tablet that has been designed for this purpose and buy a battery charger that is simple and one dimensional.

The amperage capacity can make a difference:

The 30 amp level can be the yardstick by which you can charge your electric car. Therefore, when you buy the electric car charger it would be wise to look for this magic number as it can help you immensely in rapidly charging the car. If you have only recently purchased your electric car, you may not require the high power in the initial months; however, the rate at which an electric car charges completely is synonymous with this amperage and this is true for most of the electric cars that are purchased at any given point of time.

Author’s bio: Jonathan Cook is a freelance writer and encourages us to look carefully into the details before we buy any car. He has a formal degree in business management and his passion for cars led him to work at a dealership at a managerial position.

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