4 Reasons to Never Put off Having Your Vehicle Serviced

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Most people don’t give a second thought to their cars until it needs to be repaired. Routine maintenance is vital to the continued health of your vehicle. Here are some reasons that you shouldn’t put off having your vehicle serviced.

More Costly Repair Bills

The longer that you wait on repairs, the more costly the repair bill. This is because preventative maintenance keeps your car in good working order. If you neglect your car, it won’t continue to run right for you. The chances of a breakdown dramatically increase with each skipped maintenance activity. The manufacturer created the maintenance schedule for a reason. Many people may think that this maintenance is optional. This will only drive up the cost of repairs in the long run.

Excess Wear and Tear

Things like forgetting to change the oil on a regular basis may not seem like such a big deal. This cumulative wear and tear effect is causing excess damage to your vehicle. Another thing that is often overlooked is changing out the air filter. Maybe clean air isn’t that big a deal to you. So what if your engine filter is a little dirty. A dirty air filter can cause your engine to have to work harder. Engines that work harder are more prone to suffer from a breakdown.

Shorter Vehicle Lifespan

The end result of overlooked maintenance is that your car won’t last as long. You may find yourself without a vehicle until you can find a new one. The inconvenience of having to purchase a new car is more than just having it serviced routinely. You want your vehicle to last you for a while. Purchasing a vehicle is an investment. You wouldn’t buy a home and never take care of it. Your car deserves the same amount of time and care.

Safety Concerns

Neglected maintenance impacts more than just the life span of your vehicle. Another thing to consider is the safety of your car on the road. A breakdown could happen at any time. You may be driving on the highway and suddenly lose control. This can result with you being involved in a car accident. You may be injured or someone else. A death may even occur due to your negligence. Having this on your conscious could haunt you for the rest of your life. Servicing your vehicle is a small price to pay for continued safety.

Maintenance is an important part of owning your vehicle. Take your vehicle to an auto shop two or three times a year (depending on how often you drive it). You can even go to one that caters specifically to your brand—such as a Nissan repair shop, for example. Neglecting your vehicle can result in a multitude of consequences that you most likely would rather avoid.

What Every Classic Car Owner Needs to Know to Protect Their Vehicle

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Very few things in the world are as exciting as being handed the keys to a beautiful classic car. In addition to being fun projects, older cars can also be great investments as long as you keep them well-maintained. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you protect your classic vehicle for many years to come.

Skip the Cheap Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning cars, it is difficult to separate fact from fiction. As a general rule, you should only use high-quality products that were specifically made to clean vehicles. Using dish detergent or an old rag to clean your car could strip away the protective sealant and scratch the underlying paint. Many classic car owners find it easier to hire an auto detailing specialist a few times a year.

Continue Schedule Regular Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make with an older vehicle is letting it sit without any maintenance for more than a few weeks. Even if you aren’t regularly using the car, you should still have it serviced by a professional mechanic once every two or three months. You also need to drive it a few times a month to lubricate the motor, rotate the tires, and blow out any dust that has settled in the engine compartment.

Leave Major Projects to the Professionals

Unless you have quite a bit of experience working on vehicles, you should leave all major projects to a professional mechanic. Older vehicles are notoriously easy to work on, but you need to spend a few months familiarizing yourself with a car or truck before you work on it. Maintaining a relationship with a reputable mechanic is also going to make your life much easier when the vehicle breaks down or you need to order a custom part.

Get Specialty Car Insurance

An auto accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and that is why you need to contact an insurance provider, such as Marine Agency, to discuss your coverage options. Generic auto insurance might not be a good idea for older vehicles that actually go up in value every year. With a comprehensive classic car insurance policy, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for expensive parts and repairs.

Protecting and maintaining a classic car takes a lot of work, but the payoff is almost always worth it. As long as you remain proactive and don’t ignore your car for months, you should be able to avoid some of the most common problems that classic car owners run into.

How to Get Your Car Serviced Properly

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It is not about daily taking a rug and wiping your car’s dust neither is it about washing your car with safe detergents to give it a spic and span look. Car service refers to the professional cleaning that your car should be pampered with, depending on the mileage and number of years.


You may experience a slight hitch before going ahead with the car service thinking it to be an unnecessary financial crunch in your pocket. But this is not so. To maintain your car in an impeccable condition always, it is essential to take your car for regular and consistent car service and benefit by-

  • Car service at periodic intervals ensures that your car is not in a neglected condition. The mechanics who conduct a thorough inspection know each area that needs to be worked upon and also all the parts that have to be replaced. When the service is done regularly i.e. when required then the longevity of the car will also get increased. 
  • A car service by technicians enables them, enforces them to carry out an intrinsic checkup of the car including checking the brakes, the condition of the suspension, inspection of the tyres and various other things.  This is done to ensure that there are no parts that are suffering from malfunctioning that may be endangering the car or your life invariably.  If there is some serious problem with the car, the mechanics are responsible enough to get in touch with you and inform you well in time so that you can give them the go ahead signal to rule out that grave problem.
  • Car service involves talking to the mechanics about all the minor issues troubling you where the car is concerned so that they can be removed. The mechanics note down all your issues of concern and work upon it accordingly to completely erase that problem.


Each car requires servicing depending on its mileage and the number of years it has been on road. Though general criteria involve annual service or after a certain mileage, as having been recommended by the manufacturer. At the time of purchase the car owner is given a handbook which clearly indicates car service preconditions.

Tasks performed

The car is thoroughly inspected by a car mechanic or a technician. A list of all the parts to be replaced in the car is noted down. Each part of the car including the suspension, alignment, brakes, brake fluid, glow plugs, or smart plugs are thoroughly checked and taken care of accordingly. Besides the internal service, the car is also taken through the cleaning and washing system to make the exteriors and interiors of the car spotlessly clean.

After service inspection

It’s a human folly to trust and many a time pay a price for it. This may happen with you if you believe your car service centre or mechanic’s words regarding the car service without actually cross checking it yourself.

  • Ensure that the job sheet which is given to you tallies with the work that has been done on the car.
  • Take a minute look at the prices that are mentioned on the bill to ensure that the prices mentioned before and after the service are not different. 
  • Always go for a test drive after receiving back the serviced car to make sure that there is no issue that needs attention and the car is running smoothly.

Car service is an important care that is essential to keep your car running happy and smooth on the road with you safely behind the driving wheel, speeding away to your choicest destinations.

Advantages of Having A Roadworthy Certificate

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If you want to sell your old car then you need to prove that your car is in a good condition and therefore, you need to apply for a roadworthy certificate-inspection for your car. This certificate-inspection will show the present condition of the car.

With the help of this certificate, you will be able to get a lot of potential customers for your car. Not only this, but you will also get a good price for your car. Apart from this, the roadworthy certificate-inspection is considered as an important document in many parts of the world and the people are told to carry the certificate-inspection with their license when they travel in the car.

But the roadworthy certificate-inspection does not provide any warranty or assurance for your old car. This certificate-inspection is a fitness certificate for your car which indicates that your car is safe to drive on road. Apart from that, you need to produce this certificate during the registration of the resale car, and this certificate is valid for three to six months only.

Top four advantages of roadworthy certificate-inspection:

  1. Convenience: When you have to sell your old car, there are a lot of things which you need to do. For the car’s evaluation, there are a lot of companies which come to your place and sometimes you need to take your car to the company and they give you the evaluation. This becomes very time consuming and takes a lot of efforts. But, it is really different when you are looking to get a roadworthy certificate.

    You just need to make an appointment for availing the roadworthy certificate for your car, and an authorised service station can issue the certificate within one of two days. But if your car mail to meet their requirements then you need to fix the necessary problems of your car within the stipulated timeframe and then reapply for the certificate again.

  1. Saves time: When you have to sell your car, you need to do it quickly. No one would want to wait for days or months for their car to get sold. When you get a roadworthy certificate from the safety point of view, there will be a lot of people who will be ready to buy your car. This will save you a lot of time. You will save a lot of time in getting the certificate completed. Apart from that, this certificate will increase the value of your old car and with this certificate you can easily transfer the ownership of the car within few days.
  1. Stress-free: When you are applying for a certificate, you will need to search for an inspector who will work on the certification. Searching for the perfect one will take time and also a lot of searches will have to be done. But this is not the case when you go to a certification company. You need to choose an authorised roadworthy certificate company and they can easily evaluate your car and fix the probable issues and deliver the car with the certificate within a short time. You will not have to waste time in the waiting room. This process can be completed without any stress.
  1. Safety guarantee: The sale of your car will be a cakewalk once you have the roadworthy certificate with you. This will give you a proof that your car is safe to drive. Not only this, you will also have the legal paperwork which is required to advertise it for sale. This will only give you peace of mind.

So now you can search some roadworthy certificate agencies in your locality and choose the best one for your car. But before that, you must check their license, insurance papers and past experience.

Interesting New Advancements in Gearbox Technology

gearbox technology

Because automotive engineers are constantly developing new solutions for cars, major automobile manufacturers are able to equip their vehicles with enhanced gearboxes. If you’re seeking the latest aftermarket gearbox products or OEM options, you’ll have many choices, and each option can provide big benefits on the road. Check out the following techs.

Automatic Transmission with Manual Control

By operating a vehicle that’s designed with an advanced automatic transmission, you’ll experience enhanced performance while implementing shifting procedures. However, since an automatic transmission with a manual mode is designed with unique hardware, the timing will vary.

The big advantage is that the manual mode gives a driver more options. This means that you can pick one gear and drive without worrying about frequent gear shifts. If you try to drive a car that doesn’t have an automatic transmission with manual control, the transmission will stay in one gear because the hardware will shift to a higher gear as the car reaches increased speeds on the road.

Although there are many automotive brands that build these transmission systems, most hardware will feature a shift gate. A typical shift gate has a joystick design that handles downshifts and upshifts. Shift paddles are also available, and engineers usually place the paddles on a steering wheel so that a driver can implement shifting procedures with ease.

Direct Shift Gearboxes

Direct shift gearboxes are built with dual-clutch hardware. These transmission components are typically used when engineers build modern cars and sporty motorcycles. This part is designed for an automatic transmission, and the hardware can enhance a turbo engine by upgrading the horsepower and torque. In many cases, after a direct shift gearbox is mounted in place, a motor will run faster since the duel components boost efficiency.

Sequential Gearboxes

A sequential gearbox is commonly used when motorcycles and turbo vehicles are built. If you’re going to tackle racing routines, you’ll benefit from operating a car that’s equipped with this kind of gearbox because it’s specifically designed for demanding driving situations that require enhanced speed, horsepower, and torque. This gearbox can also provide benefits during racing events on a motorcycle since the unique layout simplifies shifting routines. While riding a motorbike that has a sequential gearbox, you can shift gears by pressing the lever with your foot. When compared to other motorbike shifting hardware, a sequential gearbox is more efficient because it implements shifting procedures quicker.

Gearbox Repairs

In order to protect a gearbox, you must pursue repairs at a place like Shute Upton Engineering whenever your car or motorcycle doesn’t shift properly. If a mechanic needs to replace a defective component, you could obtain a commercial-grade gear hardware by visiting a shop that stocks automotive products.

These gearbox options are the latest products that are designed for modern motorcycles and cars. Because the automotive industry is driven, many new products will debut over time by various engineers.