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Professional Car Repair Services at Your Disposal

auto maintenance

Cars require regular basic maintenance services such as replacing engine oil or oil filter, assessment and correction of car safety measures, checking and repairing the cooling system and much more. Occasionally, the car may suffer some damages due to collisions and accidents and they require denting, painting, replacement of major parts, mechanical repairing and electrical repairing.

In such cases, you need to consult with a reputed and experienced car repair service and they can easily repair and maintain your car in a proper way. But all you need to check their experience, license, certification and customer feedback before hiring.

#8 Features of Reputed Car Repair Services:

  • Genuine parts

    Reputed car repair services, stock only genuine spare parts manufactured by auto companies. There is no risk of the duplicity of spare parts when dealing with a reputed car repair agency. The customers are provided the authentic invoice from registered car dealers for the spare parts and they can also provide you limited warranty on these spare parts.

  • Inspection

    A comprehensive car inspection is conducted to identify all kinds of major and minor issues plaguing the vehicle. A complete inspection report is made based on the inspection listing all the required repair works and their estimated cost.

  • Online booking

    Many car repair services have started using the internet to connect with the customers. Such services offer the facility of booking the service online. The customers merely need to fill an online booking form. Customer will get their online confirmation through mail and they just need to attend the service center at the scheduled date and time. 

  • Monitoring the progress

    Most of the car repair services send frequent notifications on the mobile phones of their customers regarding the stage of the repair and the time left to complete the work. This is highly convenient for the customers. Even they can also provide you invoice details through mail and SMS. So, you will get the intimation from the car service on time and you can pick up your car within the scheduled date. 

  • Home service

    Home service can also be offered by a car repair agency. In this service, car mechanics are sent to the customer’s home or office. The mechanics come equipped with all the necessary tools, spare parts and other things to repair the car right in front of the customer.

  • Easy payment

    Apart from cash, the car repair services also accept credit/debit cards and online modes of payment. So, customer can choose any secured payment option according to their convenience. 

  • Bodywork

    Bodywork is required after a collision or accident which causes damage to the body of the car. Bodywork includes dent removal and repainting. Dents range from major to minor and require expert work to restore the car to its original condition. Replacement or repair of front or rear bumper, repairing/replacement of doors, and windshield replacement is necessary for any car and you need to repair these body parts by hiring reputed car repair service only. In case of serious accidents, bodywork can involve straightening the bent frame of the car.

  • Brake service

    Brakes can be considered to be one of the most important parts of a car. Brakes undergo wear and tear and get damaged over a period of time. Accidents can also cause significant damage to the brakes. Brake service usually comprises of replacements of brake pads, brake fluids, sensors and cylinders depending upon the severity of the damage.

The car repair services also provide additional services apart from the repair works such as cleaning the carpets, polishing and waxing the interior and exteri

How Regular Car Service Can Help You Save Money on Future Expenses

Buying a car is a valuable investment done for a long period of time and its maintenance is equally important to ensure a long life. This can be done through getting your car serviced regularly from a service center or any local mechanic. Although you can manage some small repair and maintenance duties yourself, it is preferable to get it done from a professional who has the expertise to carry out the job quickly and with precision. Such a routine service will not only save you from any additional expenses in the future, but can also increase the performance of your car.

Role of Routine Car Servicing

The importance of getting your car routinely checked and fixed and its pocket-friendly features include the following:

Tire Pressure

Since tires alone are said to consume up to 20% of a car’s energy, it is important to keep them maintained and ensure that they are inflated properly to reduce its consumption of energy. Moreover, under-inflated tires flex and produce heat when moved, resulting in wearing out and reducing its life span. The engine is also forced to burn more fuel to make an UN-inflated tire move. Thus, in order to save money on excess fuel consumption and repair of damaged tire, you should visit a mechanic regularly and get the tire pressure checked and filled to the recommended amount.


With the engine being considered as the heart of a car, it is important to get it checked regularly for any malfunctioning. The transmission is also an important feature that should be checked and repaired regularly as any fault in it can lead to your car breaking in the middle of the road while traveling which can be very inconvenient.

Oil Change

Oil is again one of the most important components in a car that lubricates the engine’s heavy parts for smooth functioning thereby reducing energy consumption, protects engine from heat, water, and other tiny particulates. Thus, to ensure that the car has an adequate content of oil and is protecting the engine from any wear and tear and is ensuring efficient burning of fuel, it should be changed from a professional as they would ensure the correct oil is used for your engine amongst the wide range of oils available.

Brake Repair

Faults in the brakes can be caused either due to low level of brake fluids or due to dirty brake pads that cause the brakes to squeak. Since such a fault can lead to major damage to the brake with time, further increasing the chance of a fatal accident, it should be checked regularly. You can get the fluid refilled and brake pads repaired from a mechanic timely to prevent any major damage.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in a car is another feature that poses frequent malfunctioning owing to prolonged use in the summers. To avoid this, you can get the dirty condenser of the AC cleaned regularly by a mechanic and save yourself from the expenses of getting it entirely replaced when the damage increases.

Thus, these features make it vital for you to get your car checked and repaired regularly as there are some minute features of a car which may show signs of a fault that you may not be able to detect or repair yourself. So, it is important to get routine car services from a professional mechanic and not only avoid expensive repair or replacement of parts in the future but also find a reduction in the cost-per-mile of your motoring as well.

Car Maintenance: How To Make It As Cheap As Possible

One of the most important details you can cultivate on to keep your car in good condition while still saving money is familiarizing yourself with your owner’s manual. This is where you find information on the most appropriate size for the wiper blades, fluid levels, and tire sizes, among others. Maintaining your car trickles down to far less finances that could have otherwise been hefty on repairs. So, how should you make your car maintenance as cheap as possible?

Watch Fluid Levels

Your car has a unique maintenance schedule. The schedule impacts the safety and performance of your car. The easiest and cheapest way to maintain your car is by checking your fluid levels regularly. Ensure that there are correct oil levels, antifreeze, power steering fluid, brakes fluid, wiper fluid, and transmission fluid. You do not need a mechanic to ascertain this. If you wait to see the light on your dash, it might be too late and you may use tons of money on repairs.

Change Your Oil

Did you know that engines have significantly changed in the last few decades? Well, as the changes keep coming, the shorter the time required to change the oil. Normally, the average intervals of oil change should fall between three to five thousand miles. There are elements which can help in determining when the oil should be changed. For instance, conventional oil is known to have a shorter lifespan than the synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is said to reduce the consumption of fuel and carbon emissions.

Examine Your Air Filter

You don’t need mechanical knowledge to replace your air filter. Check if there is any debris or dirt in the filter. The presence of dirt and debris not only leads to high fuel consumption but also results in the dropping of your mileage by more than 10 percent. The filter is designed to prevent dust and debris from penetrating the engine cylinders.

When the filter is not replaced as indicated, there may be severe damage in the engine. A visual inspection should either reveal a darkened air filter or one filled with debris. Most manufacturers recommend changing the air filter every 12000 to 15000 miles no matter the condition of the filter. Closely examine your manual to get guidelines on how to change the filter and also get the right numbers for it.

There are many factors to consider to make maintenance as cheap as possible. You can even look into places like U Pull & Pay for help with maintenance and finding parts. By doing that you can save a lot of money and a lot of time. This is especially useful if you feel confident in your mechanic abilities. Just make sure that you are always taking the time to find the best possible and cheap ways to take care of your car.

Hazards On The Road: 5 Tips For Preparing Your Car For Anything

Traveling by automobile and taking road trips can be a fun experience; however, there are many different things that can happen while you’re traveling that are not enjoyable and can be dangerous if you’re not prepared properly. Below are five tips for preparing your car for the worst.

Emergency Supplies

If you plan on traveling to remote areas away from cell towers and the rest of the world, you’ll need to be ready for bad weather and other hazards. Having your vehicle break down during a blizzard or rainstorm while you’re trapped inside without any emergency supplies like blankets, food, water, flashlights, flares, first aid kits, or warm clothing could mean a potentially dangerous situation.


It may seem like common sense, but don’t drive on bald tires and always have a spare handy in case of a flat. Make sure your spare tire is in good shape or you may end up with a flat spare, too. You may also consider getting snow tires if you live in an area that is prone to heavy snowfall.

Make Sure Your Heater And Air Conditioner Works

If you’re on a trip traveling through extremely hot or cold weather, make sure your air conditioner and heater are working properly. If neither one works, nor you only have the means to fix one, fix your air conditioner. When it’s cold out, you can always layer up, but if it’s hot, you run the risk hyperthermia if you don’t have enough water on hand.

Get Your Battery Checked

Batteries don’t last forever, and you could very well end up on the side of the road with a dead vehicle due to a bad battery. This is a frustrating experience, especially if you’re stuck in traffic, rain, snow, or heat. If you plan on traveling a long distance or you think your battery is on its last legs, get a local mechanic or dealership, such as Rebel Ford, to check the charge of it for you if you don’t have means to test it yourself.

Check The Antifreeze

Checking your cooling system for leaks and replacing your antifreeze before the winter and summer months is essential. A vehicle with an antifreeze leak could mean that your car or truck is moments away from a disaster. Problems present themselves as an overheated engine, or in extreme cases, and damaged engine block.

Utilizing these tips above will ensure your safety when traveling in your vehicle long distances or in adverse weather conditions. Remember, being preventative is the key to avoiding many of the hazards the road can throw at you.

Machine Maintenance: 8 Ways to Prep Your Car This Fall: What to Know

If fall is coming and you think that the summer was hard on your vehicle, you’ll want to take it in and have it serviced for the fall and to prepare for the winter. Here are some of the things that you want done to the vehicle.

Fluid Check and Replacement

A tune-up to check all fluids is crucial throughout the year, but you want to have the coolant refilled or replaced after the summer when the air conditioner was used. Have all fluids checked, topped off, or replaced if any are dirty.

Air Filter Replacement

If the air filter in your vehicle hasn’t been replaced and is clogged, it’s going to affect how your engine runs. This will also cause issues with your fuel economy, so have the filter checked at oil changes and replaced when needed.

Tire Balance and Rotation

Check the pressure in your tires regularly, and have the tires balanced and rotated to prevent uneven wearing. Uneven wearing can affect how the vehicle feels when you drive, how it handles, the life of your tires, and it can affect the fuel use.

Exterior Detail and Waxing

Have the vehicle detailed to clean off the dirt and sand it could have been exposed to over the summer. After you have the car cleaned and the scratches buffed out, have wax put on the exterior. This prevents damage from the falling leaves and other debris during fall.

Interior Cleaning and Deodorizing

If the summer brought in grass, dirt, sand, and other debris to the inside of your car, have the interior carpeting and upholstery cleaned professionally. Remove soils and staining, and have a deodorizing cleansing agent used to keep the car smelling new.

Transmission Flush

If it’s been at least 50,000 miles since you’ve last had the transmission on the vehicle flushed, you’ll want to have a mechanic perform the service. This keeps the transmission lean, helps the car run more smoothly, and preserves the transmission for the time you own the car.

Brake Pad Replacement

Replace the brake pads to ensure you can stop when you want, and help preserve the tires on your vehicle. You should also have the rotors checked out when the pads are replaced. You want this done before the cold weather, ice and snow hit. Brake fluid should be replaced when all other fluids are checked in the tune-up.

Battery Check

As temperatures start to drop it can cause the battery to drain, and it can be difficult for a battery in poor condition to stay charged. Have the battery tested to see if it needs to be replaced before the fall hits.

Create a maintenance schedule with the things you want to do to your vehicle annually, quarterly and more. This can help you maintain your vehicle to hold its value. The experts at Jack Burford Chevrolet recommend a maintenance schedule based on the year and model of your car.