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Five Steps You Can Take to Reduce Your Car Insurance


People will often complain about how much money they are paying for their auto insurance, but these same people will seldom take simple steps that can save them money on a car insurance policy. There are options out there that can help you greatly reduce your insurance costs.

The following are just five steps you can take that will most likely result in a lower cost policy.

Make sure you are not over insured

Too often people are paying for more insurance than they really need. An individual will have a brand new car fully insured, but over time the car depreciates, and there is less need for full coverage. In the case where you are making payments on a new car, the lender will demand that the car be fully insured, but once the car is paid off, you may not need all of the coverage that was mandatory with your car financing. 

Add safety features to your car

You should contact your insurance agent first or at least get a quote, but most companies will offer discounts for specific anti-theft devices that are installed on a car. Where you park your car can also affect the premiums you pay. If you park your car in the garage instead of on the street, you may get a discount for this as well. With less chance of vandalism, your insurance rates will be less.

Combine insurance policies with one company

For those who are home owners, there are insurance companies that offer both auto and home owners insurance. They will commonly offer a discount for having both polices with them. This can mean a good discount in premiums for both insurance policies. 

Pay for the entire policy instead of making payments

Although this is not always possible for financial reasons, in almost every case you will save money if you were to pay for the entire policy at once instead of three to five payments over a six month period. 

Shop around

This would seem to be obvious, but so many people simply do not get several quotes. Even when a policy expires, they simply start paying on a new one with the same insurance company without attempting to get lower prices. If you get several quotes, you may be surprised at how much money can be saved on a car insurance policy. 

Before you start looking for the best quotes from agents check to make sure you are following a few of these tips. Not all insurers are the same so agencies may place high reductions on one thing or another. Whether you take these tips to heart or not the most important thing to remember is that you don’t have to settle for the first quote you get.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that has suggested Trail Auto Tag Agency in the past. She often writes about business as well as ways to save money.

5 Ways to Make Your Auto Insurance Less Expensive


When people shop for car insurance, they are always trying to find the best deal at the lowest price. There are a few tricks that you can use which will help you to lower your car insurance as much as possible and still get the coverage you need.

Shop For The Best Rates

Getting the best coverage they can afford for their vehicles is imperative because you never know when you will really need your car insurance. Be sure to use the tools available on the Internet as well as word of mouth to do a comparison for the best rates, but also make sure that you get the coverage you need.

Ask About Discounts

Insurance companies traditionally offer a list of discounts for auto insurance policies that they do not publicize. When you are collecting quotes from different companies, always ask about any discounts the companies may have that will lower your premiums.

Consider Moving

It is always a smarter idea to move closer to your job, because it cuts down on the chances that you will get in an accident on the way to work. But moving to a better location can also be beneficial for your auto insurance rates. You will find that areas with lower crime statistics generally create lower insurance premiums as well. If you live closer to your job, then you can use the shortened distance as an auto insurance discount. The savings you will experience in vehicle maintenance, auto insurance premiums, and other costs would make the move to a new place a very smart idea.

Increase Your Deductible

If you can have your deductible raised from $100 per incident to $200 per incident, then you will save a lot of money per month on your auto insurance premiums. In the long run, the savings you will realize will help offset the extra deductible you would have to pay if you ever do get in an accident.

Install A Security Device In Your Vehicle

Insurance companies always appreciate any extra effort you make to try and secure your vehicle from crime. As you are shopping for insurance rates, ask the companies how much of a discount you will get if you installed a security system in your car.

With a little effort, you can find a lot of ways to save money on your auto insurance but if by some chance you are in an accident you can always call Taylor and Blair, a Vancouver injury lawyer, to help you deal with the insurance company. In the end, the small savings you get can add up to big money in your wallet.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance


Auto insurance rates can vary from insurer to insurer with premiums largely dependent on the vehicle you drive, your driving history and other factors including your age, where you live and how often you drive. You can save hundreds of dollars on car insurance by carefully comparing like coverage among insurers. Read on and we’ll discuss some of today’s hottest insurance saving tips.

1. Your credit. Your credit score is used by auto insurers as one means for assessing risk. If your score is low, you may still be able to get car insurance. However, your rate will reflect your weak credit score. If possible, resolve your credit problems first before applying for new insurance.

2. Your coverage. Always compare like coverage with like coverage to make an adequate comparison between two insurers. If you have a new car, then you’ll need collision coverage as well as uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, property damage, bodily injury, personal injury and medical payments coverages, and comprehensive insurance.

3. Consider extras. If you drive a lot, there are additional types of coverage you may want. These include roadside assistance and rental reimbursement. Please note that many new cars come with manufacturer supplied roadside assistance, thus this option is a cost you can forget if so covered.

4. Inquire about top-tier rates. You may have the good fortune of not being in an accident within the past five years and live in a neighborhood where auto thefts are low. Don’t expect to automatically receive a discount that can be upwards of 15 percent from your auto insurer — ask and it shall be given to you.

5. Bundle your policies. The more business you do with one insurance company, the better for you. If you have multiple cars, place each one under the same insurer. Homeowners coverage can be included too, resulting in a bundled discount that will save you money.

6. Encourage good grades. Teen drivers are expensive to insure, but you can get a discount if your children get good grades. For college-aged students, you’ll receive a discount if they commute less than 100 miles or don’t use the car while on campus.

7. Consider group discounts. You may be able to enjoy significant discounts through your employer, school or professional organization. Insurers typically award generous discounts to consumers who are affiliated with a certain group and give affinity discounts that reward both the group and the consumer. You won’t qualify for a discount, however, if you have a bad driving record. If so, consider taking a driving school class to wipe out some of the points on your record.

Insurance Considerations

Auto insurers compete for your business and may offer a novel way for you to enjoy further discounts. Some discounts are predicated on paying your bills online. Others offer discounts if you allow them to track your driving behavior electronically. Whatever discounts are available, see if you qualify and always shop around to find the best coverage at the lowest cost to you.

Car Insurance and Motorway Driving


It’s reassuring to know that your car insurance covers you against accidents, but a long journey on a motorway can be stress-filled for any driver. Motorway driving is a different skill if you’re used to just driving around town, but you can feel more confident before you set off with these handy tips.

Be prepared:

Plan your route and familiarize yourself with which junctions you’ll need to turn off at, as it’s not safe to try and read a map at speed. Leave enough time so you won’t be tempted to break the speed limit, and factor in regular breaks to keep your concentration up. Never embark on any journey without a valid car insurance policy from a reputable supplier.

Get used to the speed:

If you’re not familiar with motorway driving, stay in the nearside lane until you feel comfortable with the increased speed. Because cars are traveling faster on the motorway, things can happen quickly and it’s good to get your reactions up to speed too.

Leave a safe gap:

You can’t anticipate what the driver in front or to the side is about to do, but you can make sure you’re prepared for it. Leave a good space between you and the car in front, and if another driver cuts into that space, drop back. The more space you leave, the more time you have to anticipate and brake. It seems like you’re not making as good time as you could, but that precaution could be the difference between a safe journey or a claim on your car insurance. If you’re not sure how much space to leave, try this: Find a marker, such as a lamp-post or tree. Once the car in front passes it, make sure you can count two seconds before you reach it. If you can’t, slow down.

Watch the weather:

Driving in heavy rain or poor visibility? Leave a gap of four seconds between you and the car in front. If it’s foggy, keep a steady speed and don’t be tempted to try and keep up with the car in front.

Beat boredom:

Although a quiet stretch of motorway with country scenery seems like a safe place to be, it can get boring. If you feel your attention drifting or you’re beginning to feel tired, find a safe place to stop for a break and a breath of fresh air or get to the next service station for a rest. Take a break and stretch your legs at least every two hours.

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