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Towing Power: 4 Truck Tips to Increase Your Torque

Torque is what gives your truck low-end power to muscle through deep sand and tow heavy trailers. While many newer trucks have excellent horsepower, they often lack the ability to transfer that power to the wheels at lower speeds. Here is a look at four tips you can use to give your truck massive power when it is needed the most.

1. Have It Professionally Tuned

New vehicles often come with complex computers that manage the entire mechanical system. While these processors can save you money on gas or diesel, they could be limiting your torque. Truck owners should find a local garage that offers custom tuning to those who want as much power out of their vehicle as possible. In many cases, these services can be finished in just 15 or 20 minutes, and they could increase your truck’s torque by as much as five percent.

2. An Aftermarket Exhaust System

Anyone who plans on towing a trailer from Hillsboro Industries with their truck should consider upgrading their exhaust system. While it might not seem like the exhaust does much to alter your engine’s power, it is actually one of the most common areas where low-end strength is lost. Stock exhaust systems bottleneck the air coming out of the engine, and this prevents new air from being drawn in as efficiently as it could. Aftermarket systems are designed to pull air out as quickly as possible without causing any backflow.

3. Install a Performance Chip

Depending on the model you have purchased, your truck might already have a performance chip inside it. These small devices plug into your OBD-II port and give you full control over many aspects of your engine. A performance chip essentially allows you to tune your truck without heading into a garage. Many modern chips also allow you to create specific settings depending on what type of driving you plan on doing.

4. Cold Air Intake

Installing a cold air intake is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your torque, but you should first make sure these devices are legal in your state. Because they alter a truck’s emissions, some states have decided to ban them. This upgrade lowers the temperature of the air that is going into your engine to make it as dense as possible.

Many of these tips and upgrades will not only make your truck more powerful, but they could even improve its efficiency. That makes them an excellent investment for practically any driver.

An Insight into Diesel Refueling Solutions

Once upon a time, diesel was considered an excessively polluting fuel. However, with the new technologies that oil companies have been introducing over the last few decades, the carbon footprint produced by diesel engines has been significantly reduced. Modern diesel vehicles with improved filters and catalytic converters are less harmful for the environment that they used to be. In order to make their vehicles more efficient, owners of diesel machines have to pump and keep their diesel in a safe way.

Proper Adblue treatment

As we have already stressed out, the production of diesel fuel is today organized in line with some high ecological standards. The introduction the Adblue diesel is one of those innovations that help diesel-powered engines stay competitive in the global automotive race. This type of diesel emits substantially less exhaust gases than old diesel fuels. However, due to its specific chemical properties, Adblue requires a special treatment. For instance, people who have private properties or ranches far away from gas stations need to transport fuel to such locations. In order to store their Adblue diesel, they need to have adequate dispenser units. This is why everybody who needs to use diesel on their own needs to have first-class shut-off nozzles (go for stainless ones), as well as reliable hoses and hand guns.

Refuel diesel on the go

Although there is hardly a town without a gas station, you sometimes have to take some diesel with you. For instance, if you are traveling abroad and you know that fuel is much less expensive in your country, it is practical to bring your fuel with you. The money you save this way can be used to afford your family a more exciting holiday. In addition, the abovementioned owners of remote ranches and farms might need to transport some diesel and make a fuel stash.

The best option to take some diesel with you on vacation is to choose one of those portable diesel refueling tanks. Today they are made in accordance with highest safety standards and, what is even better, they can be bought at quite popular prices. In addition to tanks, it is important to get the right trailer, too. Make sure that the tank is made from polyethylene and that it has venting breathers, which will keep the fuel quality on a high level. When it comes to trailers, on the other hand, galvanized steel is the best material.

Equipped with spare items

If you need to transport fuel and fill the tank(s) on your own, you should never run out of spare parts, too. No matter how efficient diesel type you have in your tank, you can do nothing if your hose swivel is leaking. What every privatediesel refueler needs to have in the trunk is a hose swivel, accompanied by anti-leakage gaskets, as well as cartridge filters and a level indicator. Not being only one of these pieces with you can result in improper tank filling and inadequate diesel storage. Here you can learn more about proper fuel storage.

Moreover, today you do not have to waste your time on local stores, but you can order all those items online. That way you will spend less fuel on from-store-to-store rides and get all the diesel-refueling accessories in one place. What is more, most of these items are cheaper on the web than in local stores.

As a result of rapid development of oil industry, car owners can rely on improved features when it comes to fuels. In addition, owners of diesel-powered vehicles have become ecologically acceptable drivers, too. Now they can safely use and store diesel on their own. However, it is vital to follow the rules and get the right equipment. That way your health, your properties and your vehicles will be properly protected.

Do You Drive For Work? Steps You Can Take To Stay Safe On The Road

Ask any truck driver knows, driving for a living can take a toll on a person. Driving can be a dangerous job, and truck drivers must always be on their toes. If you drive for work or are thinking of doing so, there are steps you can take to stay safe on the road.

Get The Right License

The first thing that you must do is to make sure that you have the right license. Earn your commercial driver’s license from a school that belongs to an association like the Commercial Vehicle Training Association. You will be taught good habits and will learn how to keep yourself safe on the road. To get started, you can find out about the commercial licensing here.

Take Care Of Yourself

As a truck driver, you need to take care of yourself. Long hours on the open road can be taxing on the mind and body. It can be difficult to eat right on the road, but try to make sure that you do. Stopping at a grocery store, buying fresh foods, and storing them in your cooler is far healthier than eating at every greasy spoon along the way. Staying healthy is a key component in staying safe.

Get Enough Sleep

While you are at it, make sure that you are getting enough sleep. You may be tempted to push it through the night to make better time, but you put yourself and everyone on the road in danger when you do so. Stop to rest when you feel like you need to. Arriving at your destination safely is more important than arriving early.

Understand Your Truck

Any truck driver worth their salt knows their rig. Whether it is your own or a company-owned truck, you should have a close relationship with your vehicle. Know its parts, and know how it operates. Perform an inspection before every trip. Check your wheels, your brakes and lights. Make sure your truck is well-maintained. If it is a company-owned truck, be sure to follow the maintenance policies and procedures laid forth by your employer.

Driving for long-hours across the open road is as safe as you make it. While there are certainly things out of a driver’s control, there are many things that you do control. Make sure you have the right license, keep your rig maintained, and stay on top of your health. When you do these things, you make the road a safer place for yourself and every driver you share it with.

5 Extraordinary Facts About The Trucking Industry In The USA

The United States Department of Transportation or the USDOT controls all forms of transportation in the US, including airlines, shipping, railroads and of course, trucking. You may not know this, but most of your goods are delivered thanks to the US truckers. Especially if the transport involves some heave objects for consturction or building. Trucking is a an essential form of transportation that proves itself extremely prolific for the country. Here are some interesting facts about the trucking industry, and about the advantages of being a truck driver.

The Most Lucrative Form Of Transport

This will certainly come as a surprise, but the trucking industry is actually the one form of transport that brings the most to the economy. There are currently about 3 and a half million truck drivers in the United States. And according to the ATA report or the American Trucking Administration, this industry holds 67% of all domestic transportation of goods. This is by far more than a half of the entire goods that are being transported by trucks.

Improving Technology Actually Helps The Trucking Industry

In this modern day of age technology is improving rapidly fast. One would think that man made jobs are simply dying out. It is exactly the opposite in the trucking industry. Satellite communication and GPS help drivers stay in touch with each other and their superiors. Radio connection is still also used as one of the basic forms of communication. Apart from the improvement of the working conditions, modern technology also makes the travel much more interesting for the drivers. Plus, the modern times recognize the equality of genders, so a large number of ladies are making sure that the freight gets to its destination in time.

One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs Of All

As previously mentioned, women are also a part of the trucking industry as the drivers themselves. Still this job career is one of the most dangerous ones. The transport last for days and you are depending on the conditions on the road. The largest number of accidents are rollovers. The drivers must be fully concentrated and well rested, which sometime is not an option if you want to follow your schedule, which you must do. Therefore, a good organization of driving and resting shifts can indeed come in handy.

Combination With Other Forms Of Transport Or The Intermodal Transfer

Trucking does not only consist of driving the inventory from point A to point B. Truckers can also b a part of a transport chain, meaning that they are the missing link between airplanes and boat shipment. This is called the intermodal transfer. There were about 13 million intermodal container transports in 2012, which is a positive increase from the previous years.

The Largest Amount Of Goods Is Transformed By Trucks

Driving trucks or popularly called ‘trucking’ is becoming on of the most popular job in the US. This is way the largest amount of freight is being transfered exactly bu the trucking industry. According to the US Department of Transportation there was a 12 and a half billion tons of freight transported by the trucking industry with the value of 10 and half milion dollars. By the year 2040 these numbers could easily double.

5 Reasons why Truck Sales are So High Right Now (and Still Climbing)

The U.S. auto industry has displayed strong growth throughout 2014 and into 2015, with automakers selling over 16.7 million units last year and that growth only expected to continue. Nowhere is the gain more apparent than in pickup truck sales, where Ford, RAM and GM have all seen double-digit percentage gains in January 2015 after a strong 2014.

What are the driving factors behind so many pickup trucks finding their way into American driveways? Here are five contributing reasons:

The Return of the Midsize Truck

Smaller, lighter trucks used to be a common sight on American roads, but U.S. automakers bowed out of the segment entirely for several years, leaving Toyota, Nissan and Honda as the sole players. The Toyota Tacoma has dominated sales even as its platform and powertrains were getting a little long in the tooth. For 2015, General Motors storms back into the midsize segment with the 27-mpg-highway Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks. Buyers have responded, driving up segment sales as Toyota prepares to release a heavily updated version of its Tacoma for 2016.

New Full-Size Trucks from Ford and GM

Profitable full-size pickup trucks make up a huge portion of the Detroit Big Three automakers’ revenue. In the last 2 model years, Ford and GM have each released all-new versions of their popular full-size models, leading to an uptick in buyers who were waiting for the new-generation trucks to hit the market. The new-for-2015 Ford F-150 has made a particularly big splash with its aluminum-intensive body, bed and chassis helping cut around 700 pounds of weight when compared with the 2014 truck. While less ground-breaking, Chevrolet and GMC’s newest full-size trucks have struck a chord with legions of buyers as well, thanks to much more fuel efficient engines and comfortable interiors.

Low Fuel Prices

Toward the tail end of 2014 and into 2015, fuel prices hit their lowest levels in more than 5 years, with regular gasoline selling at less than $2 per gallon in nearly all U.S. markets. When gasoline prices go down, consumers tend to drift more toward large, powerful vehicles and away from compact cars and hybrids. The trend toward ultra-low fuel prices appears to be reversing itself, particularly on the West Coast where an explosion at a large Exxon refinery in Torrance, California has contributed to a 70-cent rise in prices in just a few weeks. Still, experts predict fuel should stay relatively affordable at least into 2016.

Luxury Truck Trim Levels

From Ford’s Platinum and Raptor trim levels to the Chevrolet High Country, RAM Laramie Longhorn and GMC Denali, pickup trucks can now be ordered with all the interior luxury and quality of a finely crafted German sedan. This luxury truck segment, with base prices reaching $50,000 or even $60,000, courts a different sort of truck buyer, one who needs the capability of a pickup but will make no compromises in comfort. These trucks, usually offered in crew cab form with expansive interiors, bring conquest buyers that may have otherwise opted for a crossover or luxury car. They are also hugely profitable for the trucks’ producers.

Incentive Wars

The mighty F-150 has been the nation’s best-selling consumer vehicle for more than 30 years. In the lead-up to the long-awaited 2015 replacement’s release, GM and RAM slashed prices and upped the level of available incentives on their own full-size models in an effort to cut into Ford’s market share. The strategy worked, with RAM gaining ground to control 21.3 percent of the truck market in the third quarter of 2014 to over 35 percent when combining totals of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Whether the strategy of offering up to $8,500 in incentives on a new pickup is sustainable or not is another question, but buyers are the clear winners here.

What can truck buyers look for in 2015 and 2016 going forward? Nissan just debuted its all-new 2016 Titan full-size, offering 12,500 pounds of towing capacity thanks to a powerful turbo-diesel V-8 built by Cummins. Honda will debut its next Ridgeline midsize soon, and Toyota’s updated Tacoma will seek to steal back some of the midsize thunder from GM. Truck buyers have more credible options than at any time in recent memory, and sales are expected to keep flying high.

The information for this article was provided by the professionals of 99 Truck Parts & Industrial Equipment Ltd., who specialize in truck parts in Vancouver, BC.