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3 Best Paddle Board Car Racks

While paddle boarding can be a more relaxing sport once you’re on the water, transporting your board can be challenging. This is especially the case if you don’t have the right equipment to fasten your board safely onto the roof of your vehicle.

Getting the board up top is tedious enough; having to worry about it coming off when you’re driving is simply icing on the cake. There’s also the issue of aerodynamics. Without the right rack, your board will essentially act as a parachute, potentially hurting your fuel consumption and vehicle’s handling. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the three best paddle board racks you can stick to your roof.

Thule 810 Stand Up Paddle Board Taxi

Kicking things off with something a little more heavy-duty is the paddle board rack from Thule. This American company is known for their premium, reliable hardware and the 810 is no exception. Featuring an all-steel design with support for two boards, this is your best bet if you’re looking for something that’ll survive for years to come.

The 810 includes four Thule One-Key locks, which help keep your boards secure while you’re away. The Speed-Link mounting system allows you to install the rack without any tools, which makes mounting and removing this system a quick and easy process.

Yakima S. U. P. Brah Stand Up Paddle Board Tie-Down System

Strange name aside, Yakima’s tie-down system features a more unique design. As opposed to the bigger, more clunky rack, the S.U.P. compromises of a simple strap design that attaches to the front and rear of your car. Don’t pass it off as flimsy though, the heavy-duty straps are capable of supporting up to 40lbs of weight.

The Yakima S.U.P. also features a quick and easy tool-free installation, making removing and strapping it back on board a stress-free process. Yakima’s tie-down system is a great lightweight alternative that won’t break the bank.

Inno Stand Up Board Locking Carrier with Board Pads

This versatile rack is capable of supporting up to 65lbs of weight, whether it be from a stand up board or the multitude of other equipment it can carry. Featuring a clean and simple strap design, the Inno Carrier is an ideal solution for any paddleboarder on a budget.

The ratcheting system secures the rack onto your roof while the rubber coated straps reduce the strain of the weight the rack is carrying, increasing its lifetime. The concept of reliability is also seen in the rack’s build, which compromises of a rubber-coated stainless steel design throughout.

It’s great to see that manufacturers have considered the needs of paddle-boarders and created car racks that are durable and easy to install. A good rack may mean the difference between enjoying a weekend out paddle boarding and accidentally shooting your board through someone’s windscreen on the highway.

Now that you’ve got a good rack, it may be time to consider a better paddle board to match. Review website has a variety of paddle sports gear to read up on.

Now get out there and take on the water.

Opting for Genuine Nissan Spare Parts

We realize the importance of owning a vehicle, and so most of us have cars. Cars require regular maintenance and for this the spare parts are one of the most important requirements of this maintenance off and on.

Spending on quality products and not opting used or second hand spare parts will need to be taken into account on a serious note. Trying to save on some money and only looking for used parts can lead to major spare parts which are of the same brand of your car when you need these.

Many car owners tend to take the choosing of spare parts lightly and only opt for the cheaper versions of these. Not only future expenses but you need to be aware that using inferior quality of spare parts can be a risk.

Nissan spare parts:

Look for genuine Nissan spare parts whenever you need replacement parts. This is due to the fact that

  • #1. Genuine parts are made in accordance to specific considerations of the Nissan.
  • #2. Genuine Nissan spare parts are tried and tested. You will find that these Nissan spare parts do not face uncalled for problems once they have been opted for. They are up to the high standards of Nissan where the performance, quality and safety factors are concerned.
  • #3. You are provided a specific warranty in accordance to the Nissan spare parts required. Opting for any spare parts is taking a risk not only with the quality but also with the safety when you’re driving.
  • #4. When you go for the genuine Nissan spare parts you do not face any issues with the insurance of your car. Any spare parts used in the Nissan might be problematic with the insurance.
  • #5. The life of your Nissan increases to a large extent when you go for the Nissan Spare parts.

Negatives of spare parts not genuine:

Second hand spare parts which are not genuine can damage the other parts of your Nissan. This may then lead to a lot of inconveniences and huge expenditure. These tend to also affect the performance of your Nissan.

Impact for a long period:

The sub standard parts are made in a cheap manner; they are not able to reach the standards of the industry. These might serve the purpose for a short time but will definitely affect the engine’s performance in the long run. There might be break-downs more frequently. This leads to expenses which are not required.

Vehicle damage:

As mentioned earlier, parts which are not genuine tend to damage your Nissan. This leads to more replacement of the different parts of your Nissan.

Some parts which are counterfeit:

You have many mechanics and dealers offering various spare parts which tend to be counterfeit. Some of these parts are

  • Oil Filters: This valve ensures good pressure of oil especially when you start your car. Oil filters without this valve can be damaging to the engine as grime and dirt can easily settle.
  • Brakes: Cheap brake pads are made of metal. As this is hard it leads to the wear and tear of the pads and the shoes much faster. This causes a hindrance to the performance of your car while braking.
  • Ignition Parts: Ignition parts which are not genuine might be deceptive. You cannot judge the difference between the original and the counterfeit ones easily. It is the internals that makes all the difference.
  • Batteries: A counterfeit battery might be cost-effective option but you need to know that these tend to have lower amps of cold-cranking.

Online search for specific Nissan spare parts is convenient and easy. There are multiple suppliers of these parts listed here. Going through the different reviews and ratings can help you in making the right choice of the Nissan spare parts suppliers.

About the writer
This post is written by Joseph Webb. Joseph is an excellent blogger and philosopher. His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more ideas. He can be found on Facebook and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.

4 Engines That Will Leave You Speechless

Automotive engineers continue to push the envelope when it comes to speed and power. Car and truck engines are consistently pumping out greater power with less fuel and redesigned engine blocks that rip the open road. So let’s take a look at four engines hitting the streets today that will leave you absolutely speechless.

2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE63

The 2016 S Coupe has something truly remarkable under the hood. The 5.5 Liter, AMG Biturbo V8 is a lot of engine for a sporty, little crossover SUV. It puts out 577 horsepower and 561 lb. ft. of torque. There aren’t many crossover SUVs on the market that can compete with that much get-up-and-go. The Biturbo V8 is well-managed by a 7-speed Speedshift AMG transmission that helps it get from zero to 60 in just 4.2 seconds. It’s a customizer’s dream.

2016 Dodge RAM 2500

From speed we go to raw power with the 2016 Dodge RAM 2500 and its 6.4 Liter HEMI V8. The HEMI V8 in the 2500 has best-in-class horsepower and all the torque you need to tow and haul with the big boys. Surprisingly, it’s not a gas-guzzler either. It’s got fuel saver technology that shuts down cylinders for downhill driving and long bursts at cruising speed. It’s really a throwback to old Mopar engines that used to do the same. It’s built to be durable, with stainless steel fasteners, exhaust gaskets and sodium-filled exhaust valves.

BMW M3 and M4

Next, let’s take a closer look at one of Car and Driver’s 10 greatest engines on the market today. It’s the 3.0 Liter inline-6 that’s currently featured on the BMW M3 and M4. It’s a specially-designed twin turbo that boasts 425 horsepower and 406 lb. ft. of torque. It has a forged-steel crankshaft and a closed-deck construction. The oil pan is made of magnesium and the cylinder bore surfaces are constructed from iron plasma. With the available laptimer app you can analyze your own driving speed like the racers do. With a Power Test Inc. dynamometer, you can figure out if you really are getting 143 horses per liter, as advertised.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport

Last but not least, the 2016 Ford Explorer Sport has a fast and fuel-efficient engine underneath it’s hood, as well. This new offering from Ford is a 3.5 Liter EcoBoost V6 with all-wheel drive and twin turbo. The direct injection, variable valve timing design gives you V8 power on less gas. Its no wonder that gave it a 4 Star rating.

These aren’t supercars; they’re vehicles the average driver can afford. Yet, the engines that power them are well-designed and fuel-efficient. There are less naturally-aspirated engines on the market though as the reign of turbo continues to rise. Yet, there’s still something out there for everyone.

Ways To Get The Best Deals For Your Needed Car Parts

Saving money on automotive parts is a great way to lower repair costs. Even if you’re not doing the work yourself, acquiring used or wholesale parts can drastically reduce the overall price of vehicle repairs. Labor is already pretty steep with an average of $60 to $65 per hour for most ASC certified mechanics. However, it’s relatively easy to locate and gather the parts needed without relying on the service stations typically high-priced materials.

Search Online

There are a number of reliable wholesale auto parts suppliers on the Internet. According to Pure Diesel Power, a company that provides Chevy diesel engine parts, more and more people are buying auto parts through the Internet. The important thing to remember is to thoroughly vet a site before you buy. Make sure the parts they supply are good and that they’re legitimate. Reading customer reviews and ratings is a great way to find the truth about online auto parts dealers.

The Full-service Junkyard

These auto parts goldmines are all over the country. They typically have hundreds of cars in every make and model. The yard’s employees will remove and stock the most commonly sought after items. However, you can call beforehand and special order an item. The yard attendants will remove the part and have it ready for when you arrive. These full-service yards charge a bit more for their parts than other solutions.

The You-Pick Junkyard

If you’re mechanically inclined, then this is probably the best choice. These junkyards are similar to their full-service cousins except that you pull the parts on your own. They typically separate vehicles based on the make and model making it quick and easy to locate what you need. Make sure to bring all the tools that you’ll need to remove the part. There’s nothing worse than getting out into the yard and realizing you’re missing a certain tool. This is one of the cheapest ways to get auto parts. Just be prepared to do a bit of work.

Refurbished Parts

Most auto parts dealers offer refurbished varieties of the parts that they sell. When you’re shopping for a part, be sure to inquire about a refurbished option. These parts are typically just as good as a new one and sometimes only a third of the price.

There are many ways to find cheap auto parts. If you do a little shopping and looking around, you’re bound to find what you need and save a lot of money in the process.

Tricked Out Truck: Four Serious Upgrades

If you’re considering tricking out your truck, you’ve probably considered a new paintjob and decals, but you may not know where to start your modifying and accessorizing. Tricking out your truck can enhance its performance and show your distinct style. Here are four upgrades that can take your truck to the next level.

1. Suspension

Improved suspension is one of the most essential truck upgrades, and it can be one of the most extreme. If, for example, you intend to upgrade to large, heavy-duty tires, you will need to lift your truck to allow for the bigger tires. Suspension also allows for great ground clearance, allowing you to drive your truck in harsher areas where unraised vehicles would be in danger of damaging their undercarriages.

There are three main lift options:

  • Leveling: According to Diesel Power Mag, leveling kits can be used to raise the front of the truck to match the stock level of the back. This is the simplest of the three options, as it involves less hardware. Leveling typically provides about 2” of lift.
  • Lift Kits: Lift systems and lift kits can lift your truck anywhere from 2”-10”. Custom lift kits can go even higher. Lift kits achieve this using blocks or springs.
  • Body Lift: According to Tonda 4-Wheel Drive Ltd., body lifts are inexpensive and can add height even after your suspension is maxed out. Body lifts were used before trucks came with the integrated ability to add suspension. You may need to modify your bumpers and wheel wells to hide the space between the body and the wheels if you have a body lift.

2. Lights

Adding new lights or upgrading the lights your truck already has can help you navigate back roads, or just make a statement. With alternative mounting systems to add floodlights to the roof of your truck or other enhancements for your headlights, the possibilities are nearly endless.

3. Hitches

Likely, your truck came with a hitch. However, a great way to customize and best utilize your truck is to add a fifth wheel hitch or enhance the original hitch. This will enable you to haul loads more efficiently. Just be sure to check your towing capacity—that information can be found in your owner’s manual.

4. Tires

One of the great things about trucks is the ability to install nearly any size and intensity of tires. If you decide to go with bigger wheels, whether for the tough, tricked out look, or for better performance while off-roading, you will need to raise the truck to accommodate them.

This upgrade can get you a lot of bang for your buck: look for tires that suit the way you use your truck, whether that is as a personal vehicle or for recreation. You can also choose custom rims to complete the statement.

Whether you’re tricking out your truck to increase its capacity and performance, or to make it the baddest on the block, you can’t go wrong starting with these four upgrades. From there you can get as crazy as you have money and ambition for.


About the author: A recent college graduate from University of San Francisco, Anica loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. She was raised in a big family, so she’s used to putting things to a vote. Also, cartwheels are her specialty. You can connect with Anica here. This article uses information from Tonka 4-Wheel Drive Ltd.