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Three Iconic American Car Brands

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The invention of the automobile in the 1880s changed the world forever, and whilst the roots of the car lie in Germany, thanks to the genius inventor Karl Benz, it is the United States of America who have supplied some of the most iconic car brands in history, from Ford and General Motors to Jeep and Buick. As we shall see, America is also home to the most innovative and exciting automobile manufacturer in the world today, one that will transform the way we drive in the future.


Benz may have got there first, but it is Henry Ford of Greenfield, Michigan who pioneered and perfected cars for the masses, and whose name will forever be synonymous with the motor industry in Detroit and across the globe. His first Model T Ford came off the assembly line in October 1908, and by 1914 over a quarter of a million models had been sold. Things would never be the same again. His famous quote that ‘you can have any color so long as its black’ may have been misquoted or misunderstood, but it’s become part of popular folklore. The Ford Motor Company he founded is also still a part of popular culture, and now their cars certainly are available in a myriad of colors, and a range of styles.


The Jeep is an iconic vehicle, and for many an aspirational car, but its popularity also lies in its incredible practicality. Not much can stop a jeep, which is just as well because it was originally built as a four-wheel drive vehicle that could be used across the battlefields of World War Two. It’s this that gave us the name Jeep, as a slurring of the initials G.P. for ‘General Purpose’ vehicle (although some claim it stands for ‘Government Purposes’). Jeep models such as the Cherokee continue to be immensely popular, and they’re also easy to maintain and repair with experts in the field such as helping to ensure that this is one vehicle you can rely on year after year.


As Henry Ford found, great success comes from innovation and from an ability to think outside the box and do something that none of your competitors are. These are also traits shared by Tesla, Inc., undoubtedly the most talked about new automobile company. The genius behind the company, Elon Musk, was born in South Africa but he has made his home and manufacturing base in California. Inspired by Ford, Tesla has vowed to make electrical cars available to the mass market, which will bring huge environmental benefits. Musk is also known for his publicity stunts, including his recent launch of a Tesla Roadster into space.

There’s a huge variety of motor vehicle brands available to choose from today, so that pioneers like Benz and Ford would be astonished at the evolution of their early work. One thing that hasn’t changed however is that American cars are still the number one choice for many people who are looking for style, affordability and reliability. As Tesla is showing, they are also leading the race to make electrical cars that will be a true alternative to petrol and diesel models, and for that we can all be grateful.

How to Find Out the Best Toyota Wreckers?

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Toyota is an all-time favourite among the car owners. It is popular among the clients for various reasons. In case you have a Toyota vehicle and it is old enough to sell, you can think of the Toyota wreckers. Many times, the owners do not think of selling the parts of old Toyota vehicles, but it can be totally worthy.

In case you are not aware of this, Toyota wreckers can offer you some really good deals in exchange of the broken, old parts of your vehicles. Check out the ways you can find the best Toyota wreckers available in the market.

Choose the Wreckers Who Offer You the Following Things

There are many wreckers available in the market and junkyards. You really need to know about the qualities you are looking for, while you hunt the best Toyota wrecker in the area.

  • Toyota is an expensive and brilliant company. Therefore, the machine parts of the vehicle are more likely to be costly, even if they are old. The models range from heavy trucks to small cars. Make sure the wreckers deal with whatever type you are looking for.
  • There are many varieties in the Toyota cars, like Camry, Corolla, Celica, Echo and so on. Find out the wreckers who deal with all of those models as they will need to buy lots of different Toyota parts. Contact them so you can sell your vehicle parts.
  • Some of the parts which you can sell are Toyota alternator, brake disc, Toyota brake pad set, bumper, Toyota hood, fender, tail light, etc. These items cannot be replaced by parts from another company. Therefore, the wreckers are most likely to buy these items.
  • Choose a Toyota wrecker company which offers you to get free removal of sell-worthy parts. This is particularly for those living far away from the place where the shop situates. You can save a lot of time and energy then.
  • The best kinds of Toyota wreckers are most likely to buy parts from various kinds of Toyota models such as, Toyota Yaris, Granvia, Land Cruiser, and Highlander. In case you do not find out your model, contact the desired shop and find out.

Choose the Shop Where You Can Get the Best Price

Toyota is a highly popular company and therefore, you can get a good price for your vehicle parts. Know the available market price before you settle for a shop in order to know how good their offer is. In general, you can get from $200 to $1200 for the wrecked parts. Visit a couple of shops and then decide on the one offering you the best money possible.

Find Out a Shop Where You Can Also Get Used Parts

If you can find out a used part which can be fitted to your other vehicles from the shop where you want to sell the wrecked Toyota parts that is great. If you happen to have more than one Toyota vehicles and one is not that old, but needs slight replacing, you can get it done from the wreckers.

Contact the Shop Through Social Media and Know Them by Reputation

Since you are selling used parts and getting cash in return, you need to know the trustworthy Toyota wreckers. Ask the people with Toyota vehicles about the shop, whether they have availed any service from them or not, follow their social media pages and the customer reviews. It is better to contact a shop with goodwill. There is no need to panic. You can follow these quick tips and you will be able to find easily some of the best Toyota wreckers.

Why One Should Go For Genuine Nissan Car Service & Repair Center?

Getting your car serviced regularly is one of the most important aspects of keeping your cars health in check. All those who own cars know the importance of having a good car service and repair centre. However, there comes a time when there is a dilemma of whether you should take your car for repair and service at the genuine service centre and dealership, or at a local service centre?

Reasons That Make Selecting Nissan Authorized Service/Repair Centre So Important:

Here are some of the advantages and points on why we think you should go for a genuine Nissan car service and repair centre:

  1. When you opt for visiting a dealership for your cars servicing and repair, you can be assured of getting only expert and trained specialists who are specifically trained to work on a particular line or brand of vehicles. In a local service centre however, you will come across technicians who might have general knowledge about your vehicle and its parts, but cannot guarantee to have specialized knowledge.
  2. At an authorized Nissan dealership, the staff members are given constant training to update their set of skills and knowledge. They are given not only theoretical knowledge, but practical knowledge also. This is important as Nissan constantly updates the technology of their machinery, and the staff members are required to be updated on the advancements so that they are able to detect accurately any issues with your vehicle and repair them properly.
  3. When you opt for car repair and servicing of your Nissan car at an independent service centre, you are also risking warranty of your new car. If the independent service centre is not able to repair your car properly, it might cost you much more in the long run to get it repaired again for the damage caused. However, at a genuine Nissan car service and repair centre, your warranty will stay valid, while your car will receive proper care, servicing and repair using only genuine Nissan parts and products.
  4. Another advantage you will receive by visiting an authorized Nissan car service and repair centre is that you can rest assured that your car will be given only genuine Nissan parts and products. You can, however, choose to opt for the more affordable, refurbished original parts. But one thing that can be guaranteed is that you will receive genuine, durable and long-lasting Nissan parts and products for your car.
  5. The staff members who are working at a Nissan authorized service centre have extensive knowledge about your car and its different parts. This means that your car will receive proper care not only from your technicians, but fromrest of the staff working at the Nissan dealership also.
  6. By regularly having your car serviced at a Nissan dealership, you can be assured of having an up to date servicing and repairing of your vehicle. This is because the Nissan dealership will keep all records and history of your vehicles servicing, repairs as well as a picture of the road history of the car.
  7. By getting your car servicing and repairs done at an authorized Nissan service centre, you can even save money! They offer competitive pricing as well as great, reasonable rates for all its parts as well as service charges. Your car will be serviced using all the proper equipment, tools, and properly trained staff with up to date knowledge and skills. This is something you can be guaranteed only at a Nissan dealership and not at a local, independent service centre.

Hence, keep the above-mentioned points in mind and avail the benefits by having your vehicle serviced at a Nissan authorized repair centre.

Vitality and Significance of Car Service for Optimal Performance and Longevity

It’s quite confounding, painful, frustrating and irritating to face any type of automobile trouble or glitch. The problem increases more if you’re in a hurry or the auto shop is far away. More often than not, you are stranded on a desolate highway and you just don’t understand what to do.

If you agree with this point you need to bear in mind that car is after all an electrical and electronically maneuvered engine, which requires thorough and steadfast care. In this juncture, car service becomes more pivotal as it is very important to get your vehicle regularly checked. With routine maintenance and compliant repairs, you can help impede the prospect of possibility of getting stuck in any tough situation.

The importance of servicing:

Regular or routine car service can make all the difference in your vehicle. The service schedule of your car or appointment with the mechanic may depend on the manufacturer concerned.

  • A lot of factors depend on the car’s age and mileage.
  • Besides, running fuel-efficiently and smoothly, you also need to be able to curb the risk of breaking down or incurring an unexpected and expensive repair.
  • You need to know that expected mechanical floss, wear and tear require minor maintenance. If you don’t stop it or attend to it immediately, it could become a snowball into a money-draining replacement or repair.

The fundamental aspects:

You have different vehicle maintenance measures that will help you keep the car in its best condition. There are dedicated auto service stations that have all the tools and human resource to check your car.

  • Keeping your engine checked on a regular basis is crucial. It’s most important for those who go for long routes. Engine is the car’s heart and a busted engine can render your vehicle useless.
  • Having it regularly checked would ensure proper functionality and maintain its speed parameters. Good car service also includes proper check on the car’s transmission. It’s another pivotal aspect that you need to fix or else you can get stuck on the highways under the sweltering heat.
  • A crucial and perhaps the most obvious thing in basic maintenance of a car are to check the brakes. A good mechanic can be of immense help as the professional assistance is highly suggested. You need to bear in mind that maintaining your brakes is critical to maintaining the safety of your car. Low brake levels and fluid recession can lead to soft brake pedals, which can lead to disasters.
  • Dirty brakes are another issue as these brake pads will make the brakes to falter and squeak. Having them checked routinely by a good mechanism will help in preventing any maneuvering glitches and ultimately minimize the chances of accidents effectuated by brake malfunction.

Modes of services:

There is the interim service that caters to getting thirty-five core action points entailing four top ups and four changes.

  • These changes are critical to car service. It includes oil filter, engine oil and wheel torque. These factors depend on the manufacturer’s specification and car’s mileage.
  • Your garage can also change and check the tire pressure. It can boost the clutch fluid, brake fluid level, steering reservoir and windscreen washer whenever required.
  • A noteworthy aspect is that a garage can perform wholesome checks on auxiliary parts of the car.

Understanding optimum servicing:

The full-throttle car service includes sixty-one core action points. They include all from the previous modality and have additional checks, changes and top-ups. It includes air filter and necessitates replacement depending on the vehicle usage and mileages. Additional servicing includes top-ups and checks include the gearbox fluid, anti-freeze power, trans-axle or axle oil, and battery units.

A Look at How Toyota’s Virtual Reality Simulations are Helping Teens avoid Distracted Driving

Oculus Rift was originally developed by the independent company Oculus VR, bought by Facebook in March 2014 for $2 billion, as a virtual reality headset so that hardcore video gamers could sling frag grenades in award-winning games like Doom 3. Toyota has now repurposed the Oculus Rift headset for something else—to exterminate distracted driving.

Teen Drivers Ignore Perils of Distracted Driving

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), for teenage drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2011, nearly one in five were distracted by the use of a cell phone. "This age group has the largest proportion of drivers who were distracted," said the NHTSA. An Automobile Association of America study investigated 1,700 teenage car crashes caught on tape and went even further; 58 percent of accidents, it said, involved distracted driving.

TeenDrive365 Seeks to Reduce Distracted Driving

On November 18, 2013, Toyota launched a campaign to end the ignorance and apathy surrounding distracted driving. "TeenDrive365" aims to foster teenage responsibility and parental guidance, a methodology based on the results of a national study conducted by Toyota in collaboration with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The campaign includes training videos, a $15,000 grassroots video contest, driving advice from racing superstars like Antron Brown and JD Gibbs, a safe-driving contract and now, with the addition of Oculus Rift, a distracted driving simulator.

Toyota Uses Virtual Reality to Combat Distracted Driving

First unveiled at the Dallas Auto Show in March 2015, the simulator, built in partnership with 360i, invites teenagers to hop behind the wheel of a stationary car, don a headset, and drive down a city street. Raucous passengers, sirens, text messages, flocks of birds and other stimuli compete for attention. In this driving test, there are no second chances.
Almost 80 percent of participants have said they would reduce distractions because of their simulator experience. Teenagers and parents alike are learning that, unlike in a video game, there are no multiple lives.

Consider the Lessons Learned

While you might think this simulator program is just a marketing ruse, consider the types of things that teenagers gain from stepping inside a driving test like this:

  • Distracted driving escalates. Read one text message or open one bag of chips, and the distractions multiply.
  • Driving is leadership. A driver’s hands hold the lives of his or her passengers. Should those hands be grasping the wheel at 10 and 2, or "liking" a friend’s selfies?
  • Distractions decrease response times. Teenage drivers often believe in their infallible reflexes. A billboard and bent bumper later, that myth is expunged.
  • You get to watch your BFF fail. Watching a friend shatter her windshield leverages the power of peer pressure for the greater good.

Thanks to Toyota’s innovative TeenDriver365 campaign, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is doing more than helping gamers destroy virtual demons. As the program continues, teens will be able to grasp the gravity of distracted driving, and make their own resolutions for safe driving in the future.

The information for this article was provided by a DUI attorney in Los Angeles.