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How to Dust off Your Old Car and Turn It into a Hot Rod

Many people own older cars that are outdated and don’t run well. They need to be fixed up and often times completely restored before they can be safely taken on the road again. Fortunately, it’s possible to dust off your old car and turn it into an impressive hot rod. To transform your vehicle and allow it to stand out on the road, there are a few important steps to take.

Pop Out the Dents

Many older cars are in poor condition due to a number of dents that are present on the body. Pop out the dents or hire a professional to perform paintless dent repair. This will require that the existing paint is removed before pulling the dent out and filling it with body filler. Priming the body will then need to be performed to protect the metal.

Repaint the Car

The body of your old car will need to be repainted to allow it to stand out and look new again. Consider choosing a classic color that is commonly used on vintage models, which can include bright red, mint green, or yellow. This will require that rust will also need to be sanded off before new paint is applied. Repainting your car will give a new, fresh, and sleek look as you turn it in to your dream hot rod.

Reupholster the Seats

Take out each seat in the vehicle to examine it for areas that need to be repaired. If the material on the seating is too damaged, it will need to be reupholstered if cuts or gashes are present. Stains that are present can be cleaned by using stain removers or a mixture of water and dish soap.

Replace Old Parts

Does your old car still run? If it doesn’t it could be any number of things on why it is not. If you have to replace the engine, you might as well replace all of the old parts in your car. Keep in mind that this route can cost you a lot of money when it comes to restoring your old car and turning it into a hot rod. You’ll need to inspect the vehicle to determine which parts are old, outdated, and no longer work anymore. Make a list of exhaust pipes or brakes that need to be replaced for items that you can purchase through companies like Reggie’s Garage.

Increase the Performance of the Engine

It’s just as important to restore the engine as it is to increase the look of the car. Clean it up and check the oil while replacing belts, spark plug wires, and radiator hoses that are old or have become damaged. Have it inspected by a professional and take it for a test drive to ensure that it runs well.

By taking the time and energy to fix up your old car, you can transform it into a hot rod and feel confident in the vehicle while on the road. With the right steps taken, you can make an investment that allows you to own a vehicle that increases in value over the years.

Like New: 4 Sneaky Ways To Save Money When Restoring Your Car

Restoring your car to its former glory does’t have to break the bank. Create and stick to a plan of action, and determine when you can repair a part rather than replacing it. Knowing where to look for parts that can be salvaged, and learning to do repairs yourself can make the process easier and more affordable.

Have a Plan

Save money on your next car restoration by creating a plan to guide your project. Include a detailed list of parts you may need to restore now or in the future as well as reliable suppliers for each part. Rank these restorations from vital to less important and cross off each repair you make to keep track of your progress.

Repair Instead of Replace

Closely examine cosmetic details to determine if the part in question could simply be repaired rather than replaced. For example, it is far less expensive to polish and buff a windshield with minor scratches than it is to install an entirely new one. If the repair seems fixable, learn to repair it yourself or get several quotes from other mechanics and go for the most financially sound option.

Salvage Parts

When repairs are necessary, find a salvage center in your area to see if they have a car that is similar to yours that you can use for spare parts. It may also be beneficial to check the classified section of newspapers or look online for people who may be selling car parts at reasonable prices. Consider doing some research and finding specialty shops like Reggie’s Garage that carry the supplies you need. If you can purchase these parts at a low enough cost, you will save money in the long run by being able to salvage whatever you need to restore your current vehicle.

Do It Yourself

The absolute best way to save money on car restoration is learning to do repairs yourself. In order to make this a viable option, you will need to have a place where you can work on your car, preferably a garage to keep both you and your vehicle out of the elements while you work. Make sure you have the tools necessary to complete the repair before starting.

Don’t let a tight budget keep your car from running and looking its best. By following these simple steps, you can greatly reduce the cost of restoring your vehicle. When in doubt, get a second opinion from a car expert in order to save time and money in the long run.

How to Save Your Old Car from the Scrapyard

Everyone likes an old car that keeps running great for years after its first use. For some car owners, it is better to have that new coat of wax than that new car smell. But what do you do when your old friend is getting long in the tooth, and seems more bound for the scrapheap than your garage?

Fix It Up!

The concept is simple—when your car stops working, get it repaired. Do it yourself or hire a mechanic to get the work done. There are plenty of guides available to help you find the right repair professional.

Doing your research is necessary to avoid running into any scam. If you know your information, you will avoid paying thousands of dollars more than what the car is worth. At the least, learn about basic auto repairs—what needs doing and how professionals should be doing it—along with the average costs of each repair.

Routinely inspect the large components for signs of obvious wear, but don’t neglect the little things either. There aren’t extra, back-up parts on your car, so each is important in its own way. List each part in order of importance, starting with the engine. If you really care about an old car, you will consider having these inspected regularly and replaced if necessary.

When you make repairs, rethink paying more than what your old car is worth. Research the average costs of the repairs and replacements before you visit the mechanic.

Pick Out the Parts for Repairs

Before you make repairs, find the right parts for your car. Make sure that the parts match the car because buying the wrong size is just a waste of money.

The cheaper, more convenient option is to choose old parts. You can either visit a u-pull-it or pick-apart scrapyard to find your parts. In major cities, there is usually a handful of yards, like U Pull & Pay, to make selections from.

Buying new parts is a little more sophisticated. You have a wider range of products to choose from online. The costs are higher, but the quality is guaranteed to be high. Another reason to buy new parts is to get a shiny look for your old car.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, an old car is not totally useless. You can still drive it around and use the parts like you did in the past. It may be a little rusted, but that rust is repairable. If you care about an old car and all of the memories you’ve had with it, you would continue to care for it. Do whatever you must do to keep it out of the scrapyard.

Overhaul Your Clunker: A Guide to Making Your Dream Car

Do you have an old clunker taking up space in your garage or backyard? Perhaps it’s taken you months or even years to muster up enough energy to finish the project. It may seem daunting and nearly impossible to complete a task like overhauling a vehicle. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it completely alone! If you follow the right steps you can end up with the car of your dreams.

Frame Restoration

Begin at the very bottom of the vehicle and work your way out when starting your overhaul project. If your vehicle is a frame and chassis then you will want to remove all interference’s so you can separate them. Once they are separated you will have the option to bead blast the metal chassis or hand sand it. Apply a nice base coat usually black or gray to protect the metal once it is cleaned and repaired if there was rust.

Body Work

Once you have the chassis repaired to your liking it will be time to move on to the body. Bodywork takes time in order to be done correctly. Some people choose to take their vehicles to a body shop for proper body filler, sanding and painting. You can shop around to ensure you find a body shop that meets your requirements and price range.

Engine /Transmission / Brakes

What better way to get your old clunker running than with a new or refurbished crate engine and transmission. Crate engines and transmissions come in different sizes and horsepower ratings. You will want to choose the one that best suits your overhaul needs. Will you be creating a high horsepower weekend drag car or one you can drive daily? Give all four brake calipers and pads a good check to make sure that they operating correctly. It can be fairly inexpensive to change the rotors and pads. Do your research when it comes to finding reasonable pricing for parts. If you’re worried your vehicle might be a little old for the latest auto gear, shops like Reggie’s Garage specialize in classic car parts.

Affordable Options for Repair

When starting an overhaul project the list of things to repair can be very long. You have to ask yourself if you’re capable of DIY work on the vehicle. Doing the repair work by yourself can save you a lot of money, but not everyone can do welding and bodywork. Your best option may be to shop around and see who has the cheapest rates to perform the work you need.

DIY overhaul projects can save you money and give a certain sense of ownership. The downside to repairing the vehicle yourself is the time it will take you to complete the overhaul. With a packed schedule, you may opt for hiring a professional. One thing is for sure, you won’t ever look at that old clunker the same way once you’re finished overhauling it!

7 Classic Cars Just Begging To Be Restored

If you like repairing old cars, there are seven classic cars that are begging to be restored. Locating parts for these vehicles won’t be very difficult, so major delays will never be a huge concern.

1963-1965 Buick Riviera

Although the Buick Rivera doesn’t have a typically size, it is still a fast and powerful vehicle. In its era, the Rivera was a well-designed car, which is why many people are now restoring it. 

1953-1954 Chevrolet Bel Air

The Chevrolet Bel Air is a popular collector’s item because the replacement parts are quite affordable. Automotive part manufacturers also offer a variety of upgrades for the Bel Air that improve performance, such as disc brake conversions.

1971-1972 Pontiac GTO

If you are on a budget, the GTO should be considered since it is very affordable. However, if you have money to spend, purchase one of the earlier vehicles instead. Automotive parts manufacturers produce plenty of parts and components for the GTO that increase gas mileage. However, the vehicle is not in high demand, so it won’t have a great resale value when you list it for sale.

1961-1966 Lincoln Continental

Among collectors, the Lincoln Continental is a popular car. The replacement parts for this vehicle, however, are somewhat limited. Though, if you can find the components, you can purchase them at low prices. 

1928-1931 Ford Model A

This car is a great choice for rookie restorers; the demand for the vehicle is low, and the parts are readily available. If you run into problems during the restoration process, you can easily contact an expert for advice. The only disadvantage is that you may not earn much money when you sell the vehicle. However, if you want to test your restoration skills, you can tackle this project without spending thousands of dollars.

1951-1954 Packard

In the 50s, Packards were efficiently-built cars. Today, replacement parts can be purchased at low prices, but trim components are not very easy to find. To restore the vehicle, you must join a car club so that you can get helpful advice and store recommendations. Tackling this project is high recommended because the Packard sells easily.

1964-1968 Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is another ideal vehicle for beginner car restorers. Parts for this vehicle are readily available in almost every city. Beginners typical buy early Mustangs since they are easy to sell.

Each of these vehicles are worth restoring. For additional advice about cars, contact the experts at Speedy Apollo Auto Service Centres or local service center.