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Automotive Updates: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Car Stays in Great Shape

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Your vehicle has the potential to last for up to 200,000 miles or more if properly maintained. Fortunately, maintaining a vehicle can be relatively easy, and you can delegate most of the work to a trained professional. Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can keep your car in good shape.

Change the Oil Regularly

Your owner’s manual should specify how often the engine oil needs to be changed. Typically, you will need to change it every 7,500 miles or so. If you don’t drive that often, be sure to have it changed at least once per year. The oil that goes into the engine can either be synthetic or conventional depending on your personal preference.

Have Belts and Hoses Checked Annually

At least once a year, be sure to have belts and hoses inside of the engine checked for damage. If a belt breaks, it could lead to significant damage to a car’s transmission. The good news is that they can usually be changed for a few hundred dollars or less if they are damaged or on the verge of breaking.

Listen for Squeaking When You Brake

If you hear squeaking when you brake, it could be a sign the brake pads are starting to wear. Failure to change the pads soon could result in the rotors and calipers scraping against each other. That may make it necessary to replace both components as opposed to spending a few dollars replacing the pads.

Rotate the Tires during Each Oil Change

Each time that the oil is changed, be sure to rotate the tires. This is true whether you use Toyo tyres or any other brand. When properly maintained, they can last for up to 60,000 miles or more. Failing to rotate the tires could result in uneven wear and a loss of fuel efficiency.

Fix Minor Dents or Dings

While you may think nothing of a minor dent or scratch, it can grow over time. It can even start to rust, which could result in major damage to the car’s frame. In many cases, you can get rid of a small scratch or minor ding on your own.

As a car owner, you want to get the most from the money that you spent to buy it. By adhering to a maintenance schedule, you can keep your car running for many years after you finish paying off your loan. In some cases, you will be able to pass it on to your kids.

Auto Accident: How to Recover after Getting in a Car Accident

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Many people are involved in car accidents each year. Some of these events result in the drivers and passengers immediately being taken to the hospital and the cars being towed away. However, other car accidents may be less serious, and they may leave you wondering what steps you need to take to get your life back on track. Walking through these steps will get you well on your way to a full recovery.

Seek Medical Treatment

Unless your accident was a minor fender bender, it makes sense to seek medical treatment. Many drivers and passengers do not feel pain from an accident for at least a day or two afterward. A physical is always a smart idea because it can help you to determine if you have underlying injuries. Remember that injuries may need to be documented as part of the insurance claim.

File an Auto Insurance Claim

After the matter of your health has been addressed, you can begin thinking about vehicle repairs. You generally should file an auto insurance claim on the same day as your accident or otherwise the very next day when possible. Your auto insurance company has a unique claims process that you will need to follow. Commonly, insurance companies ask you to submit a copy of the police report and any photos of the accident that you took. Medical documentation should also be submitted.

Replace the Windshield

Windshield damage is common even in a minor accident. The good news is that this type of damage may be addressed within a day or less in some instances. Many windshield repair service providers can travel to your home as a convenience. Minor damage may be repaired, or a full replacement may be necessary through a company like Auto Glass repair services. This may make your vehicle safer to drive while you wait for your body damage service to begin.

Schedule Body Damage Repair Service

Many body repair shops can immediately begin working on your vehicle, but others may have a backlog. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, call ahead to schedule an appointment. If your car can be driven, you may continue to drive the vehicle until the repair shop can immediately begin working on it. Work with your auto insurance company to find the right repair shop to take your vehicle to.

Even a seemingly minor accident takes time and effort to fully recover from. Regardless of the severity of the incident, you may still have injuries and auto damage to contend with. Use these helpful tips to get on the road to recovery.

In a Car Accident: How to Determine Who is at Fault

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If you have been in a car accident, you could experience a variety of injuries and damage to your vehicle or other personal property. However, you are generally only entitled to compensation if the accident wasn’t your fault. How do you determine fault in a motor vehicle collision?

Was the Other Driver Acting in a Negligent Manner?

Generally speaking, if the other driver in the crash was acting in a negligent manner prior to the collision, he or she is responsible for the accident. Examples of negligent behavior include talking on a cellphone or driving through a red light. Other examples include making a left turn at a red light or not stopping for a school bus or ambulance with its lights on.

Who Is at Fault for a Single Car Crash?

In the event that a collision involves just a single vehicle, the driver of that vehicle is not necessarily responsible for the crash. For instance, if a road was poorly designed, the government agency responsible for overseeing road safety could be found liable for the accident. If faulty brakes played a role in a crash, the brake manufacturer could be liable for damages.

Multiple Parties Could Be Negligent

In some cases, drivers in multiple cars could be deemed negligent. For instance, if both drivers were on a phone prior to the collision, they would likely both bear some responsibility for the collision. The same could be true if one driver was impaired but the other ran a stop sign in the seconds before a wreck. If an injured driver is found partially liable for his or her injuries, it will reduce the financial award that he or she is entitled to.

Consult with an Attorney

If you have been involved in a collision, it is important that you consult with a car accident attorney. He or she will be able to tell you more about how the law determines who was at fault for an accident. Your legal counsel can also work to maximize the amount of any financial award that you receive. A larger award may make it easier to provide for yourself and your family.

After a car accident, your top priority should be holding those who caused the crash responsible for their actions. This may be done by gathering physical and video evidence from the crash scene. Hiring an attorney may also make it easier to get justice after a motor vehicle wreck.

Professional Truckers: the Best Practices for Taking Care of Your Truck after an Accident

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An accident isn’t something that anyone wants to happen. Sometimes, things are outside of your control. The only thing that you can do is handle the situation to the best of your abilities. Here are some of the best practices that you should follow after you and your truck have been involved in an accident.

Take Appropriate Accident Scene Measures

Try to remain calm at the scene of the accident. Make sure to exchange information and determine if there are any injuries. This will determine if the authorities need to be contacted. Notify your employer and your insurance agent that you’ve been involved in an accident. They can start the paperwork process and help you through the situation if you require assistance.

Gather Documentation

It’s always a good idea to take pictures and document the events surrounding the accident as you best recall. Your memory will likely become fuzzy about what occurred the farther away you get from the event. Write down license plate numbers as well as the insurance information for the other parties involved in the incident. You may be able to drive your truck for repairs, or you may have to have it towed to a repair shop.

Complete the Repairs

Depending on the extent of the damage, this will dictate the type and length of time that will be required to complete the repairs. Select a repair shop that has experience working on your type of truck. Use a company like Florida Truck & Trailer CO to help get you back on the road. More time that’s spent fixing your truck means that you’re out of commission longer.

Request Reimbursement

You may be able to be reimbursed for your expenses regarding the required repairs and the lost time from work. This could mean the difference between you being able to make ends meet during this trying time. You may be able to be reimbursed by your insurance company or the insurance company of the other party involved if the accident was their fault. You have options when it comes to paying for the repairs to get you back on the road.

The first priority after any accident is ensuring the safety of yourself and others. Once this step is covered, you can get down to the business of taking care of your truck. Don’t settle just to get things done quickly. Take the time to make sure that things are handled correctly and to your satisfaction.

Benefits of Hiring A Transmission Specialist

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Some vehicle proprietors take pride in their capacity to do little support assignments. A significant number of us can include oil or introduce another battery. When you encounter transmission issues, repairs require an expert. Indeed, even the most gifted "DIY" repairman may be worried by the many-sided quality of transmission repairs. Ensuring your guarantee is likewise an extraordinary motivation to contact an Ajax proficient transmission specialist to settle the transmission.

Why Transmission Requires a Specialist

Your transmission is a standout amongst the most indispensable bits of an auto’s framework. Not at all like a hose you can fix, or a tire you can change, transmission issues are muddled. Despite the fact that it’s alluded to uniquely as "the transmission," it’s comprised of different parts and pieces, and every region can encounter issues. Having an expert do the repairs guarantees a precise conclusion of an issue.

Transmission plans change by make and model. Proficient mechanics usually utilize PC programs that enable them to take advantage of a cutting-edge vehicle’s PC framework for an exact finding of auto issues. These projects are just accessible to proficient mechanics. The apparatuses expected to perform transmission repairs additionally mirror the many-sided quality of repairs. The transmission specialist must raise the vehicle. Evacuating and supplanting a transmission framework requires in excess of one individual.

You may ask why it’s vital to visit a claim to fame transmission repair benefit, rather than setting off to a standard auto technician or administration focus. It’s actual, numerous carports can deal with basic transmission repair. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a more elevated amount of inside and out diagnostics for any issue your transmission is having, take it to transmission master.

The Transmission Specialist’s Advantage:

There are various advantages for setting off to a specialist to assess your transmission’s execution and repair. Here are only two or three of the focal points:

  • #1. Genuine feelings of serenity
    On the off chance that you depend on your vehicle to cross-ruff and unfriendly conditions, for example, terrible climate or rough terrain, particularly with over the top loads, it’s principal to keep up a solid transmission. An accomplished transmission ace will be more learned and insightful about the things to search for, for example, keeping minor issues from every day wear-and-tear that can finish into more huge issues down the line.
  • #2. Specialization
    A great part of the time the normal auto shop is a Jack-of-all-exchanges as opposed to a pro. Despite the fact that this isn’t generally the case, commonly, they don’t have legitimate preparing for diagnosing numerous transmission issues, particularly in more heavyweight vehicles like vans and trucks. This can bring about misdiagnosing of issues or inability to appropriately settle a transmission, which can return to haunt you.
  • #3. The Tools of the Trade with Transmission Specialist
    Your nearby technician may have the instruments expected to dismantle a vehicle, that does not mean, in any case, they have the top of the line indicative and electronic apparatuses fundamental for transmission repair. In all honesty put, transmission work is simply too expensive and basic to individual security to surrender over to any type of mystery.
  • #4. Guarantee Protection by Transmission Specialist
    Two guarantees become an integral factor here. To start with, you secure your autos guaranteed by having an expert repairman finish the repairs. Second, proficient mechanics offer guarantees on their repairs. This implies in the uncommon case the technician misses something or the repair is flawed, you’re shielded from paying more for extra repairs.
  • #5. Precisely Determine the Problem of the Transmission
    General flush administration of the transmission repair administration can recognize the issue of the transmission precisely. With the cleaning strategy utilized as a part of flush, the breaks and the rotting seals in your transmission will be uncovered. It will be more moderate to supplant the gasket, or the seal as opposed to sitting tight for a serious harm that will provoke you to supplant the entire transmission.