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Why Is My Steering Wheel Shaking?

Ever found yourself in a situation where your steering wheel seems to shake uncontrollably? If yes, then you really need to pay keen attention to what is covered here. Realize that a shaking steering wheel is a symptom of a much bigger underlying problem.

Causes of Steering Wheel Problem

There are a few reasons you might be experiencing steering wheel shaking while driving:

  • Your tires are out of balance. A shaking steering wheel can be a way of your car telling you that your tires are out of balance. If the tires are out of balance then the steering wheel might start shaking when you are doing speeds of between 50-55 miles per hour (mph). The shaking reduced when you accelerate to speeds of over 60mph.
  • Faulty brake rotors. In the event that you realize that the steering wheel shakes when you step on the brakes, then chances are that that your brake rotors are out of round. If you feel vibrations through the brake pedal, this can be treated as supporting evidence that your brake rotors have a problem.
  • Stuck brake caliper. When your brake caliper sticks on, you will realize that the steering wheel shakes. Vibrations can also be seen through the brake pedal when doing speeds of 40 to 50 mph and the situation gets worse when the car accelerates. You will also smell an odor of burning rubber when you stop the car.

How to diagnose and prevent the problem

The problems that cause your steering wheel to shake can all be diagnosed and prevented:

  • Tire-related problems can be avoided by buying high quality tires. If you opt to purchase your tire from a used car parts dealer like U Pull & Pay, make sure that you get the right part for your make and model.
  • Brake-related problems can be addressed by ensuring that all your brakes are carefully inspected during your scheduled preventive maintenance program. Cars that have done over 75,000 miles should have their brake caliper checked regularly.
  • Tire balancing. If you realize that one of your tires is wearing more that the rest, then you should visit your mechanic for realigning services. During the service, the mechanic might unearth the real cause of the sudden loss of balance and save you money by arresting the problem early.

As a car owner, you need not to take chances with your car. If you realize that your steering wheel is shaking, visit a professional mechanic who will help you rectify the problem and bring your car back to its optimal performance.

Definitive Guide to Affordable Mercedes Services

mercedes care

Owning a Mercedes Benz means never settling for anything less than the best. The manufacturer strives to keep your luxury car looking its sharpest in the fastest possible time. The history of AMG is filled with legends. These legends are of owners’ pride and dealer’s performance.

If you are a Mercedes owner, take your place in the private lounge, an online community for all the Mercedes owners who excel in the performance of Mercedes. The question of how to approach vehicle repair and maintenance remains a tricky one. A driver cannot decide whether a service centre is trust worthy and a smart choice. So, finding the right affordable Mercedes services is essential.

Repair and Warranty

  • Your vehicle is covered by powerful warranty whether it is new or certified pre-owned. Certified collision centres have efficient technicians if any mishap happens on the road. There are Roadside Assistance technicians who can help you 24/7 who use only genuine Mercedes parts. Help is available at the push of a button and the mobile app in your cell, transmits the location, model and colour of your vehicle.
  • As a Mercedes Benz driver, you have top notch services at your disposal such as concierge Services and new vehicle replacement if your vehicle is declared inoperable.
  • Whether you are planning to purchase a new or a certified Pre-owned vehicle, there are dealers who offer an exceptional range of warranty options. You can handpick an affordable Mercedes service plan according to your specific needs.
  • All new Mercedes Benz vehicles are covered under 48 months and 50k miles New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  • Beyond the limited warranty there is extended warranty of up to 36 months and up to 10000miles.
  • For certified pre- owned vehicles, a warranty of 12 months and unlimited miles is provided.


There are affordable Mercedes services schedules and prepaid maintenance options which ensures that your Mercedes Benz performs the way it did when you first hit the road.

View your Maintenance Manual

  • A rigorous 27-point service checklist is carried out by the expert technicians to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Consult your vehicles maintenance manual on a regular basis. It contains invaluable operating advice, and maintenance tips.
  • A fast and express service is also offered by Mercedes Benz. The visit may be brief but the service performed by experts will be comprehensive and complete.

Prepaid Maintenance

Whether you own a new or a certified pre- owned car, prepaid maintenance can lead to significant savings and peace of mind. You can pay today’s price and lock in tomorrow’s services. If you relocate, your plan is fully honoured by all Mercedes Benz dealers. With the more prepaid services you buy, you can save a great deal of money. Compare an amount of years/mileage to calculate the estimated total cost and also take a quick view of the services received by your vehicle at each milestone and find affordable Mercedes services.

 The top five Mercedes –Benz repair problems-

  • Noisy Struts
  • Transmission failure
  • Damaged engine wiring harness
  • Ignition failure
  • Faulty mass Airflow sensor

The Reputed Repair Shops

Many independent Mercedes Benz service centres are reliable, affordable and the right choice for your vehicle needs. There are very good reputed places to take your vehicle. The affordable Mercedes services repair is done with friendly professionalism and quality service; they would push their customers to take additional services.

The goal is to give correct information about the vehicle needs, including future issues that might come up so that you can make the most informed decision about the direction you would like to take. The services like Oil change, Electrical repairs, A/C repairs Induction cleaning power steering repairs and tire are done with advanced technology and expertise. When it comes for your Mercedes Benz never settle for anything less than the best.

A Guide To Repair The Brake For Safe Operations

The braking system in a vehicle helps to control the acceleration of the vehicle. The brakes are an important part of the vehicle to operate safely irrespective of the kind of vehicle. Once you own a vehicle. It is important to take care of the brakes. It ensures the vehicle comes to a complete stop on command. Hence, regular brake repair is a must in such cases.

The brakes have pads that have indicators. If there is any noise heard from the indicator, then it is high time to replace the pads. The brakes need pressure to work, so if it is not in a good condition it will not operate properly. Apart from this, various components go along with the braking system.

The disc brakes have components like rotors, calipers, and pads. On the other hand, the drum brakes use wheel cylinders, shoes, as well as drums.

The braking system is divided into two types. One is the hydraulic and the other regenerative. The modern vehicles usually operate under hydraulic system. There are a few models in vehicles that combine both the systems for operation.

When and why brakes repair is needed in your vehicle?

The professionals who are experts in brake repair can understand the actual problem in the braking system. They can perform to their best irrespective of the make or model of the vehicle. You can be rest assured if you have contacted a reputed company who have specialized technicians. You have to get familiar with warning signs and be alerted to recognize when the brake needs repair. They are as follows:

  • The brake needs repair if the light of the dashboard glows amber. This indicates problems. It means there is something wrong with the lock brake system.
  • If the light is red, the indication is that of imbalance.
  • The brakes are not working properly if the brake pedal is spongy or gives a slow response.
  • The grinding or the constant squealing when you use the brakes is an important indication for repairs.

How much is the cost?

  • The cost for brake repair varies from the kind of job to be done on the vehicle. There are professionals who do the basic checking so that you can drive safely. They also determine the extent of the problems in the vehicle. The indications are the warning signs for immediate repair.
  • The brake pads worn out or there might be issues with caliper and drums. Therefore, the entire cost of the brake repair will depend upon which part is not functioning properly in actual.
  • The low amount of fluid in the brakes is a common problem. This may not cost much, as it is easy to solve. This you can do on your own but if you hire a mechanic then you have to pay a minimum amount.

The braking system is the most important part of a vehicle. Hence, even though one cannot afford a comprehensive brake repair of the braking system, repair it on a regular basis in order to improve safety enhancing the performance of the brakes. This can be explained further, as for instance it is not required to reline the rare brakes while installing the front disc brake pads.

If the fluid has contaminated the shoes, then replace them. Installation of new linings on the brakes at the rear is a wise decision. The brake calipers and the wheel cylinders also need equal attention. They have to either repaired or replaced depending upon their condition. Preventive maintenance of the brakes is also a good option to extend the life of the braking system.

Winter Warning: 3 Tire Tips To Prepare You For The Upcoming Season

Before the snow and ice of the winter season arrive, you need to take the necessary steps to get your car in order. There are fluids that you need to check to ensure that they are at the proper levels and electrical components that need to operate as they should, such as the battery and alternator. The tires of the car are very important in the winter, sometimes more important than other parts because they can help to keep you from sliding around if you’re driving on slick roads. There are a few tips to keep in mind before winter so that the tires are in good condition.

Check The Tread

An important feature of the tires is the tread. If your tires have been rotated regularly and properly inflated, then there will be even wearing on the exterior of them. This would mean that the tread should be even on each tire. If one or more tires has tread that is lower than the others, it is usually a sign that the car needs an alignment or that the tires need balanced. You need to get this taken care of as soon as possible before getting new tires put on the car for winter. Snow tires are an option as they have more tread than a traditional tire.

Tire Pressure

In the winter, the pressure in the tires will sometimes decrease because of the colder air. Check the tire pressure on a regular basis. If you see that one tire or more are losing air pressure at a faster rate than the other tires, then you need to see if there is anything stuck in the rubber. Keeping your tires inflated to the proper level will help to extend the life of them, and it can also keep you safe on the road. If you have tires with low pressure, then you risk sliding around more on the road.

Add Chains

An option that you have if you live in an area that sees a lot of snow and ice is to put chains on the tires. The chains will provide the added traction needed while you’re driving. Some snow tires have chains already on them. Make sure you take the chains off when driving in normal weather conditions. A professional company like Evans Tire can usually add chains for you and check the other features as well.

Your tires are an important part of the car. When winter arrives, there will be changes that you might notice. Check the pressure, tread and other aspects of the tires so that you’re safe while driving.

How to Choose a Worthy Professional Car Mechanic?

auto mechanic

Finding the right car mechanic for your vehicle is not a one day affair. It is difficult to judge them in the very first attempt and sometimes it takes a long time to trust these professionals. It is because there are many bad ones too and your experience may not be a good one. So, it becomes necessary to rely on someone who is experienced and has the ability to deal with all types of car models. Only then you can look forward for getting superior services that will boost the performance of your car.

With a few tips in mind you can always end up making the right choice. It is just a matter of hint and you can easily find a professional who understands your vehicle and is able to provide quality services meeting your needs and the budget. So, let us go through some of the useful tips that can make a big difference to your experience.

Try with A Small Service

Before you avail the service of any professional auto mechanic, it is important to know how they go about. So the best way is to try their services first and then see whether you are satisfied or not. Testing with a small service is surely a good way to see what the quality of work is, whether they are efficient or not and how their services influence the performance of your car. If you are happy with the end results, you can approach them for other services or else look for another one.

Check Reviews

This is certainly one of the useful ways to know more about the mechanics and the kind of services they provide. The reviews of the clients about the individual professionals and the repair shops are easily presented over the internet so you can go through the same before taking any final decision. So these reviews can help you in deciding as whose services are better or which one is meant for you.

Get Recommendations

This is yet another way to avail the services of the right professional auto mechanic. You can consult your friends and relatives to know from whom they avail the car repair or maintenance services. As they have already availed the services, they will be able to guide you in a better way and let you know whether it is a good decision to move ahead with their recommendations or not. Thus, there are less chances of making any mistake and you will be able to locate the best choices.

Have the Basic Knowledge

It is a decent idea to have a little knowledge about the car, its parts, engine etc. This is because of the simple reason that you will know what things go wrong and will be able to understand what the professional is saying to you. In case they are trying to make a fool of you, one can easily get a hint. So, make sure you have some information that will result in taking a better decision.

Check their Portfolio

Before getting in touch with any repair shop or individual, have a look at their experience and the skills. Handling the cars not just requires expertise but the right training and skills as well. This results in making better experience of the customers who approach them. So, make sure you have a look at their competency and efficiency which is surely a deciding factor for you.

With the help of the above tips you will definitely be able to choose a professional who is not only capable but efficient and competent enough to furnish all your requirements. So why not take the advantage of such professionals and enjoy premium and budgeted services.