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What Type of Car Should Parents Get for Their Teenager?

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Eventually, most teens end up needing a car. Be it for commuting to college or work, public transportation often can’t meet the requirements of a teen’s busy life. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind when deciding upon a car for a young driver:

The Fewer Seats the Better

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has shown that a teenager with another passenger has the risk for an accident doubled compared to driving alone. The risk is tripled if there are two passengers, and for three or more passengers, the risk is sextupled. While it seems to be common thinking to get a larger car or full-size SUV for a teen to protect them in case of an accident, getting a smaller car with fewer seats will drastically reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

Easy on the Power

Jut because a teen can get a license at aged 16, it does not mean that he/she is capable of driving a sports car. Today’s four-cylinder cars still have ample power, especially for a new driver. They are also fuel efficient, so nobody will go broke trying to keep gas in them.

New Rather Than Used

The average teen will probably not be a walking encyclopedia of car care. If something should go wrong, don’t expect that teen to know what to do. A new car at a St. George car dealership will generally have fewer problems than a used one and often offer complimentary maintenance for a while after purchase. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing a teen is not stuck somewhere with no wiper fluid and no idea how to refill it.

Handling Assistance Is a Must

Safety features such as anti-lock brakes have been standard for a while now, but a new driver needs every possible form of assistance available to help handle a car safely. All-wheel drive, traction control, automatic braking, and electronic stability control are all important features that allow a less experienced driver to regain control of a vehicle that has become unsteady.

The Verdict

Taking into account all the considerations listed above, a perfect choice for a young teenage driver would be a new small SUV that has plenty of safety features, high-tech handling assistance, and an excellent crash test rating. This is the perfect type of car to allow a teen to gain that invaluable experience on the road without being too overwhelming.

Chevy vs Ford: 4 Things You Need to Know About Old Classics

For anyone that loves cars, buying an old classic Chevy or Ford can be an ultimate personal dream. Buying a classic car cannot only be a great and fun thing to show up and drive around, but it can also be a great investment. Before you purchase any classic Chevy or Ford, it is important that you take several different factors into consideration thank you.

Research the Seller

When you have found a classic car that you love and want to buy, the first thing you should do is do some quick research on the cellar. Most classic cars today are sold by dealers that specialize in the field. Whether you buy the car from a live dealer or online, it is important that you carefully review consumer reports to get an understanding of their experience and overall reputation.

Consider Rarity

If you are looking to buy a classic car as an investment, you also need to consider the rarity of the vehicle. Certain model years of old Chevy and Ford vehicles have more cars on the road than other model years. If you are looking to make money on the car as a long-term investment, you should focus on finding one that is rare.

Access to Parts

Another factor that you need to consider when you are looking for a classic Chevy or Ford is whether you will be able to get access to the parts that you need. Regardless of how well-kept the classic car is, there will come a time when you need to make a repair. The ability for you to make the repair well will depend on whether or not you can find the parts that you need. It would be a good idea to check with local or online parts suppliers to determine whether they have a lot of parts for the type of car you are considering.


Finally, when you are looking to buy a classic car, you also need to have it properly inspected. Simply looking at the exterior and taking it for a test drive is not enough. Ideally, you should invest in a full inspection completed by someone that understands these types of cars. This will help to ensure that you are not overlooking a major repair that could be costly and dilute the vehicle value.

Chevy and Ford vehicles built between the late 1950s and late 1970s are often considered some of the most classic and iconic vehicles of all time. Those that are lucky enough to find one that is a good deal to buy, should do so on the spot. When you are looking for a classic car, the above advice should be considered so you can be assured that you made a great decision.

Think Long-Term: 4 Benefits of Buying a Newer Car Model

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When buying a car, one of the first decisions you will have to make is whether you should get a new or used car. While used cars are more affordable, there are four reasons why you should consider getting a new car.

More Long-Term Reliability

The first reason why you should consider getting a newer car from a dealer, like Bay Ridge Nissan, is that they will provide you with more long-term reliability. Cars today are built very well and can last a long time until major repairs are needed. Generally speaking, you can expect for the major mechanicals of the car to last for up to 75,000 miles until major repairs are needed. If you buy an older car with a lot of miles, much of the money that is saved on the purchase price will ultimately be spent on repairs and replacements. Furthermore, you could find yourself without your car for an extended period of time while it is in the shop.

Resale Value

The second reason to buy a newer model car is that it will have a higher resale value. While old cars can be more affordable, they tend to depreciate very quickly once they get past a certain point and can even be harder to sell. While brand new cars do depreciate once they are driven off the lot, those that are just 1-2 years old will hold their value very well for a few years in the event you want to sell.

Warranty Coverage

The third reason why buying a newer model car can be a good option is that it will provide you with more warranty coverage. Many new cars today come with warranties that will provide you with repair coverage for up to the first 60,000 miles that the car is driven. Even if you are the second owner of a relatively new car, the initial warranty will continue with the vehicle. This can reduce your maintenance costs over time.

Lower Borrowing Costs

The fourth benefit of getting a newer car is that your interest rate could be lower. Banks tend to view new cars as less risky lending options than used cars. Because of this, your interest rate on a loan could be lower. Furthermore, if you use dealer-financing options, you could get a great promotional rate that could be as low as 0% for the life of the loan.

In conclusion, buying a car is a big decision. When making the decision to buy a car, you will first need to decide whether to get a new or used vehicle. While used cars are cheaper, there are several advantages that come with getting a new car.

Truck Talk: 4 Tips for Buying a Semi-Truck

A semi-truck can be a great investment, since the payments you make as an owner/operator will go towards financing it instead of simply leasing it. Once it’s paid off, it will be yours to continue using or sell. Semi-trucks are expensive, though, which means it’s crucial that you do your homework as you go through the sales process. Here are four tips that will help you find the right truck at the right price.

Match the Semi-Truck to the Job You Intend to Do

Getting a great price on a semi-truck means nothing if it can’t handle the job you intend to do with it. You need to check the specs to ensure that the engine, transmission, axle capacities and gearings all match what you plan to do with the truck. Pulling over 100,000 pounds requires a much different truck than pulling under 10,000. Flat terrain requires different gearing than hilly areas. Figure out your needs in a truck first before you start shopping.

Be Open to Buying a Used Semi-Truck

Just like with any other type of vehicle, you can get a much lower price buying a semi-truck if you get one used. This does require enough knowledge that you can determine whether the truck is in good shape and if any parts will need replacing or rebuilding soon. Consider only shopping at reputable dealers like Arrow Truck Sales or similar businesses, or with private sellers that you know personally. This can help you feel confident in the truck you get.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Whether you’re buying a new or used truck, you should inspect every inch of it to look for any issues, but it’s even more important when you’re buying used. Make sure you ask about maintenance records and requirements during this time. If you’re not confident in your mechanical knowledge, bring a mechanic with you to help.

Keep Control during the Sales Process

You’re making a major purchase, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want. Don’t let the salesperson rush you, either, even if they tell you a deal is good for today only. Be patient and remember that as the buyer, it’s your decision.

It usually takes some time and plenty of shopping around to find the semi-truck that feels right to you. Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble finding one. Keep at it and wait for the right deal to present itself.

How to Take the Stress Out of Buying a New Car

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Buying your first car, or even trading in your much-used family favorite can be stressful event. The amount of choice, number of makes and models available on the market and rapidly changing technology can add even more stress to what should be a fairly straightforward decision.

As the motor industry continues to develop and adapt, you might soon feel like your motoring tastes are stuck in the past century! Don’t panic: remember that buying a new car should be an enjoyable experience. Even if you are after a used motor, buying a car is a luxury that you don’t afford yourself every day. So sit back, relax and follow our tips below to make your car purchase experience a lot more Zen.

Take your time

Buying a car is a big expense. So why feel the need to rush? When choosing your next vehicle, don’t feel that it needs to be a swift decision, remember, this is an investment rather than a weekly food shop – so do take your time and make the right choice. You could start by researching makes and models that you think will suit your needs, and do take time to research online forums and feedback to make sure you identify any glitches.

When you’ve chosen your model, decide if you want to buy a new or used car. Keep in mind that older more high spec models can be expensive to maintain, as parts can be more difficult to replace and obtain. That said, following a repayment plan on a new car could soon mount up. Draw up your budget and be fully aware of any additional costs. Time is money after all.

Visit a dealership

Visiting a dealership can be daunting. Salesmen, a wealth of information and the fear of the great unknown could put you off – but don’t let it. If you don’t feel comfortable visiting a dealership on your own, why not take a friend or even the whole family along. You are sure to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of service and attention to detail that awaits you, not to mention the freedom to browse a range of cars in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. So why not face your fear, and arrange to visit a dealership like Nissan Edinburgh to source the car that meets your needs. A reputable dealership will have an extensive collection of new and approved used cars for you to view.

Make a thorough inspection

You’ve found your ideal vehicle and are in a rush to drive it home. Well wait a minute! Don’t rush the final part of your deal. Before taking your new car home be sure to give the bodywork a thorough inspection and check that the motor is in good, working order. Don’t forget to take the car out for a test drive too. You will want to check that the steering is in order, and the brakes are responsive and springy, and that you find it comfortable.