Passing Inspection—5 Repairs Your Vehicle Might Need

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Most states require all registered vehicles to be inspected every one to two years. If your appointment is coming up soon, there are some common car troubles and repairs to look out for. You may want to get your car checked out before inspection and make any necessary changes before your inspection so you can stay safe (and legal) on the road.


If your windshield is cracked or non-functional, it can obscure your vision and prevent you from driving as safely as possible. Replacing your windshield, broken wipers or fluid dispensers will help prevent getting a red sticker during your inspection. To get the best deal, consider looking for auto glass repair and replacement specialists near you that can offer a free consultation and help you determine whether that tiny chip indicated a bigger problem.


Each state has requirements for vehicle tires to pass inspection. Worn out tires that don’t have a proper tread depth gauge or tread wear indicators won’t pass an inspection. Spare tires aren’t usually considered part of the evaluation, so you want to make sure the actual tires on your vehicle aren’t cracked, damaged, have bulges, bumps or any other marks that indicate a bigger problem and put them at risk for blowing out or not working properly.

Oxygen Sensor

Many people fail their vehicle inspection because of the emissions test. The emissions tests ensures that your car doesn’t produce more than the allotted amount of carbon dioxide into the environment. An oxygen sensor monitors the balance between air and gas that’s sent to fuel injectors. While an oxygen sensor repair is affordable, ignoring it and allowing the sensor to go up can be a costly mistake as a broken oxygen sensor can cause permanent damage to the catalytic convert

Spark Plug Convertor and Spark Plugs

Spark plugs deliver electricity to your vehicle’s ignition system. A faulty convertor or broken plugs will cause your engine to misfire, rumble and give you plenty of other troubles that won’t pass inspection. You can get spark plugs replaced for around $100, so it’s a relatively cheap repair that’s worth taking care of before you take your car in for its inspection.

Muffler or Other Exhaust Parts

Any leaky exhaust will result in a failed inspection, so it’s important to get your exhaust system checked before your appointment. You can find a shop that specializes in muffler replacements and other exhaust parts to ensure your vehicle is up to the test when inspection day comes.

As with most car problems, it’s better to act fast than wait until you absolutely have to go to the mechanic. Ignoring a minor issue could lead to a much bigger problem later on, and you can go from needing a repair that costs $100 to needing a replacement that costs thousands.

If you maintain your car throughout the year, inspection will be easy and ensure that you save yourself precious time and money down the line.

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