Be Prepared! How to Keep Your Car Safe During Severe Weather

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Severe weather can be incredibly damaging to vehicles. If you want to avoid insurance claims, you should do everything possible to keep your car safe when a storm is on the way. Here are some of the options that may be available to you:

Keep It in a Garage

The single best place to store your car during severe weather is in a secure building. For cars, this is usually a garage. However, other covered structures can suffice. A garage will not only protect your car from hail, a common weather-related source of vehicular damage, but they can also help protect your car from more severe storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Buy a Protective Cover

If you do not have a garage or other sturdy building in which to store your vehicle, get a protective cover. This can be put on before the storm. It can also simply be left on the car if the vehicle is not used often. If desperate, even items like blankets and old mattresses can lessen the damage, although they are not recommended and their usefulness is debatable. If you have antique or old cars you primarily keep outdoors, then keeping them covered at all times will lessen the likelihood of damage.

Move the Car Away From Hazards

If possible, you should always move the vehicle away from potential hazards if a storm is on the way. This can include trees, low areas that may flood, overhead wires and more. Overhead wires are particularly hazardous to you. They can cause severe injury or death if you attempt to access a car with fallen wires on or near it. For your car, trees are the most common cause of damage. Water damage from flooding can even total the vehicle.

Have Insurance

Having quality insurance is the final step to safeguarding your car. Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, damage will happen anyway. If this happens, which is likely at some point over the course of the car’s lifetime, insurance can help pay for repairs. Make sure your insurance policy has comprehensive coverage to cover situations like these. Comprehensive coverage, unlike collision coverage, covers your car for damage unrelated to a collision with another driver.

With any luck, your preventative measures will pay off and your car won’t suffer any damage due to the weather. If your car does end up being damaged by hail or other inclement weather, though, don’t hesitate to seek out windshield repair services or auto body repair services that you may need.

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