4 Rules Every Teen Should Live By When Driving for the First Year

When you send your teen driver out on the road alone, it can be a daunting feeling. However, if you practice with your teen and explain how to drive and what to watch for, then there should be very few problems. Go over some of the rules of the road when your teen has his permit so that you can show how to handle situations and what not to do while driving.

Ditch the Distractions

One of the first things that you should teach your teen about driving is that no distractions should be in the car. This means no cell phones unless it’s an emergency and your teen pulls over to the side of the road, no loud music and no eating or drinking in the car. These are things that can take your teen’s eyes off the road, which can result in accidents or other issues that might arise.

Drive Alone

Some states have made regulations and laws that prevent teens from having people in the car while they are driving for the first year after getting a driver’s license. You can go a step further and make a rule to not have passengers in the car at all until your teen is a certain age or shows a certain amount of responsibility. The only people who should be in the vehicle are parents or other adults who are responsible and who can offer support and encouragement to your teen while driving.

Encourage Safety

Most teens know the basic safety rules of being in a car. Reiterate to your teen that the seatbelt needs to be worn at all times. You also need to make sure your teen knows not to speed while driving. There are apps and devices that you can use on the car that will track the speed that they are driving and where they are going so that you can monitor the driving habits until your teen has experience.

Don’t Drink and Drive

This is a rule that should be evident for teens who drive. There should be no drinking or using drugs while driving or at any other time. Your teen needs to know the legal consequences of drinking and driving as well as what could happen physically if he’s in an accident.

There’s a time when you need to let your teen explore the road. If you haven’t purchased a car yet, consider getting a used vehicle that can be used for practice so that you’re not losing a lot of money if there’s an accident and to give your teen a vehicle to drive to get the basic functions of driving out of the way. Practice with your teen in a positive manner instead of discouraging driving.

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