Auto Body Repair: Seasonal Dangers That Can Damage Your Car

Longevity of a vehicle’s life is generally attributed to maintaining a service schedule and keeping it clean both in and out. These points of potential vehicular offenses are among the most common for car owners to attend to. However, there are an array of menacing seasonal problems that should be on the radar of every car owner. To be aware of these concerns is to help ensure your vehicle remains in a optimum condition year round.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring brings with it the turning of frost covered backdrops to budding plants growing anew. It also brings with it the repercussions of months of winter in addition to the quirks of its own climate conditions.

During winter, snow, ice, salt, and sand are little chainsaws against roadways as vehicles grind these substances into the pavement. When the snow inevitably melts and the damage is revealed, roads are pot-marked with holes and hazards aplenty. All wreak havoc on tires, alignment, and overall integrity of the vehicles navigating through them.

As the saying goes, "April showers bring may flowers." With any downpour there is an increased chance of hydroplaning or fishtailing. There is also the increased likelihood of flooding. These seasonal occurrences can have catastrophic implications for drivers that may find them calling an auto shop like Central Body Company, Inc. for an unexpected visit.

Summer Days

Sun shining bright and warm weather that subtly tugs people outside, summer is long awaited by many. As this time of year dawns, it carries with it its own brand of driving dangers.

With good weather there also comes the commencement of construction in each individual city. This means new driving patterns, unexpected decreases in speed, objects on the roadway, work crews, etc. All of these factors pose potential threats that require special attention when on the road.

If you’ll take a moment to think back to high school science, you will recall that heated air expands and takes up more space. As a direct result, summer temperatures also create the perfect environment within tires to allow and explosive pop to occur at a likely inopportune time.

Fall Back

Another season of changing, fall means spiced pumpkin everything and trees shedding their leaves. For all its multicolored loveliness, it also carries dangers not thought of by drivers.

As trees and plants alike drop their leaves and debris, often time these byproducts of the season find themselves on the roadway. This creates mini dangers and obstacles as we carry ourselves from point A to point B.

Winter Has Come

Snow covered rooftops and the promise a Christmas are among the most whimsical things about winter. Not surprisingly, however, this is the season that has the most dangerous implications for car owners.

With snow comes ice and with ice comes slippery driving conditions. Extra caution is due throughout this season while driving. Additionally, foggy weather, snowy weather, or just bad weather in general create poor visibility for all drivers. Playing favorites to none, winter driving conditions can take a perfectly good car and turn it into crumpled metal.

Additionally, the products used to melt ice on roads can damage the aesthetic quality of a car if it isn’t cleaned off on a semi-regular basis.

While each new season brings with it the promise of change and a fresh start, they also bring with them their own brand of seasonal dangers. These hazards need not be debilitating for drivers, but they are best addressed prior to any unfortunate event.

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