Understanding the Diesel Engine Mechanism and Its Repairing

Firstly, before understanding the mechanism of diesel engine and what it is one will need to understand what engines are. An engine or a motor is a machine that is designed to convert any form of energy into mechanical energy. The engine efficiently burns down the fuel or a form of energy to create heat which in turn will create a force. This force in turn make the machine spring into action and movement.

Diesel engine is just another engine that uses diesel as the form of energy or fuel to achieve the force and in turn makes the machine work. Compression ignition is used in a diesel machine. As this engine uses diesel and diesel is a heavy fuel, this kind of engines are also referred to as heavy fuel engines. This diesel fuel engines are usually built very heavily. They are stronger when compared to other engines. It is often seen that engines that run big machines like an earth mover vehicle uses a diesel engine.

Rudolf Diesel was the person who invented this engine, and thus it came to be known in his name. He invented it in the year 1892 and a patent was grated in 1895 by the United States of America. Carnot theory was used in making the simple diesel engine. The diesel engine like all other things has gone through a lot of evolution over the years. The original engine that used diesel as the combustion fuel did not create any audible knocks and gradual combustion at work. Today the diesel engine has become more refined and better. The life expectancy of a diesel engine is also higher. The ignition of the diesel fuel is injected into a combustion chamber.

Diesel engines work when air is compressed highly. Unlike the other engines such as petrol engine, in which spark ignition is used, diesel engine compresses the air alone. In spark ignition engines, the air and fuel mixture is compressed and with a spark plug working it gives life to the engine.

Unlike other engines, diesel engines are believed to have the highest thermal efficiency. When the combustion gas is highly compressed it achieves a very high temperature. Here the spark plug does not ignite an air-fuel mixture. In colder months it is a real task to get the diesel engines started. This is because the air is cooler and it shall require more pressurized compression to bring the engine to life.

Repairing a diesel engine

Diesel engines repair are to be done regularly in order to keep it in sound working condition. An internal combustion engine such as diesel engine requires a little extra care. It is always advisable to get such engines serviced at regular intervals. The service life of diesel engines is more or less than 10 years. However, if any wear and tear is observed diesel engines repair needs to be done immediately. Keeping the engine running even when it is not in a complete good form will only result in more loss in the future. Diesel engines repair is to be performed from time to time. Actually, getting a diesel engines repair done is much more cost effective than having it rebuilt when it fails to work completely.

It is best to left the job of such diesel engines repair to a professional. But if one is equipped enough or has some knowledge about the technicalities of an engine he can do it on his own. However, he should firstly equip himself well before hand before indulging in diesel engines repair.

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