Worn Out Car? 5 Ways to Dispose of a Clunker

While it was once your dream car, now it’s a burden. If you’ve moved on to bigger and better cars, your old clunker has likely been sitting in your driveway for too long. Refresh your yard and avoid potential fines with these innovative solutions for hauling off your junky jalopy.

1. Contact Junkyards and Salvage Yards

First, get an idea of the fair value of your car; one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. Use a site like Kelley Blue Book to determine the value of your car in good condition, then subtract the estimated cost of the repairs that need to be made. When you have a number in mind, call around to a few local junkyards and car salvage yards and ask for an offer on your car.

You should also find out their protocol for delivery of the car; if it’s drivable, you can likely get more money by bringing it to them. However, most salvage yards, such as U Pull & Pay, will also arrange to pick up a vehicle they want to purchase for parts.

2. Consider Online Services

Businesses will often do the work for you; simply upload a description of your car and other information to get instant offers and arrange for delivery or pickup. Also, there are numerous apps through which you can connect with others to sell used belongings, including automobiles. Social media sites like Facebook have features that facilitate this process, too.

3. Donate It to Charity

Many nonprofit organizations accept vehicles as donations, regardless of their condition. To find programs like this in your area, search for certified 501(c)(3) organizations in your town. Many of these businesses will pick your car up if you opt to donate it, and you’ll receive a receipt that can be used for a tax write-off.

4. Dismantle it for Parts

One of the best ways to get money for your old car is by taking it apart and selling the parts separately–especially if you have skill with working on cars or want to learn. Some of the parts that are sought-after by buyers include electronic components such as radios and window motors, engines, transmissions, metal body panels, tires, rims, windows, and windshields.

5. Head to the Dealership

Visit a reputable used car dealership in your area to get a price on your old car. Most will offer you at least a few hundred dollars. And if you’re looking to buy another car, you can offer it as a trade-in.

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