How To Prepare Your Teen For The Road Before They Get Their Permit

Is it time for your teen to start driving? Getting your teen their driver’s permit can lead to some high anxiety, but by managing it properly you should be able to escape with both your child and your car relatively unscathed.

Enroll Them in a Driving School

While giving your child driving lessons is a fantastic bonding opportunity, it should never replace the hiring of an actual driving school. Driving schools teach a teen to drive properly from the ground up according to North Shore Driving School Ltd., a driving school in Burnaby. Whether we realize it or not, many of us internalize some bad habits while driving, and we don’t want to pass that along to our children! Moreover, there are some issues — such as parallel parking — that can be very difficult for a non-professional to teach.

Teach Them Practical Skills for Driving

Many parents focus on the basic techniques of driving without concentrating on more practical issues, such as how to get from point A to point B. Before your teen gets their permit, make sure they know some basics: how to get directions if they’re lost, how to properly fill up their tank and how to navigate around a parking lot. Think about the things that you wish you had known before you began driving in earnest!

Make Sure Your Insurance Coverage Is Sufficient

Let’s face it: a teen is probably going to get into at least one wreck, even with you in the passenger seat. This is a time when a low deductible policy is for the best. Most teenagers won’t get into serious accidents but may instead scrape, dent or otherwise damage the vehicle at slow (sometimes achingly slow) speeds.

Don’t Forget About Responsible Driving

More than just teaching your child how to drive, you should impress upon them the importance of knowing when to drive. Of course, every teen should be taught not to drink and drive, but they should also be taught about how dangerous it is to drive while talking on the phone or to drive while tired. As a parent, you’re undoubtedly aware that children are always tired — and young drivers are more likely to get into accidents when drowsy.

The professionals at the driving school can offer you further tips on how to prepare your teenager properly for the trials ahead. With just a little coaxing, they should be ready to hit the road!

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