Car Insurance and Motorway Driving

It’s reassuring to know that your car insurance covers you against accidents, but a long journey on a motorway can be stress-filled for any driver. Motorway driving is a different skill if you’re used to just driving around town, but you can feel more confident before you set off with these handy tips.

Be prepared:

Plan your route and familiarize yourself with which junctions you’ll need to turn off at, as it’s not safe to try and read a map at speed. Leave enough time so you won’t be tempted to break the speed limit, and factor in regular breaks to keep your concentration up. Never embark on any journey without a valid car insurance policy from a reputable supplier.

Get used to the speed:

If you’re not familiar with motorway driving, stay in the nearside lane until you feel comfortable with the increased speed. Because cars are traveling faster on the motorway, things can happen quickly and it’s good to get your reactions up to speed too.

Leave a safe gap:

You can’t anticipate what the driver in front or to the side is about to do, but you can make sure you’re prepared for it. Leave a good space between you and the car in front, and if another driver cuts into that space, drop back. The more space you leave, the more time you have to anticipate and brake. It seems like you’re not making as good time as you could, but that precaution could be the difference between a safe journey or a claim on your car insurance. If you’re not sure how much space to leave, try this: Find a marker, such as a lamp-post or tree. Once the car in front passes it, make sure you can count two seconds before you reach it. If you can’t, slow down.

Watch the weather:

Driving in heavy rain or poor visibility? Leave a gap of four seconds between you and the car in front. If it’s foggy, keep a steady speed and don’t be tempted to try and keep up with the car in front.

Beat boredom:

Although a quiet stretch of motorway with country scenery seems like a safe place to be, it can get boring. If you feel your attention drifting or you’re beginning to feel tired, find a safe place to stop for a break and a breath of fresh air or get to the next service station for a rest. Take a break and stretch your legs at least every two hours.

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